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The data centre market has been constantly evolving to adapt to new challenges and technology trends like cloud computing, virtualisation and high density computing. Data centres are the engine rooms of the global business community and these days they’re mission-critical and crucial to the operations of a business. Whether you are a user, a provider or an investor, data centre consulting services should be used in order to provide a total evaluation of your current data centre set-up, or if you’re relocating or planning an entirely new data centre.


EPI offers a one-stop service hub that covers all aspects of a data centre’s life cycle, ranging from an initial data centre consultation (what you need and when you need it), a design evaluation of your proposed data centre, design validation, surveys and assessments, an audit of your data centre or a data centre audit certification.  All our services are based on standards such as SS507, ANSI/TIA-942, as well as other relevant international data centre standards.


If your data centre is already operational, our data centre consultants can add value to existing data centres by optimising operations, energy resources and technology applications to save you money and increase security and efficiency. Our consultants will also investigate any incidents and outages with methodical analysis, ensuring your valuable data is supported and protected.


With our market intelligence and extensive experience, EPI uses every consultation approach to provide innovative solutions that allow data centre users, providers and investors to make the best data centre operations decisions that will derive optimal value and efficiency from their data centre facility.


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