Minimizing Risks and Preventing Interruptions in Data Centre Operations (Spanish)

The next March 1st, 2017 at 10:30 am participates in the Workshop:

Minimizing Risks as to prevent interruptions in operations:

In the scope of the Data Centers there are different orientations and levels that seek to assure the operative and avoid any stop of service. This translates into different interests of companies to get the correct orientation in the design, operation and competence of each of the professionals involved following a Competency Framework Data Center professional development.

This webinar aims to show the differences between the different standards, levels and criteria existing in the Data Centers and give a vision of the necessary training for people working in and around facilities. 

Discover with this session how to achieve maximum availability and efficiency in the Data Center.

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Speaker: Joseba Calvo Barrio

• Beyond the concept of RATINGs and their levels 
• Standards ANSI-TIA 942 Infrastructure and DCOS Operations
Main  Causes of Downtime 
• Analyzing the risks 
• Professional development framework in the Data Centers 
• Necessary professional competences 
• Operational training Of Data Centers


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Therefore, you can only reserve your EPI exams in an ATP accredited by EXIN (It is not possible to book this exam directly with EXIN, EXIN Anywhere or any other institute that is not accredited EXIN).



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SGI Consulting Group Dynamic, avant-garde Colombian company specializing in Consulting Services and Training in Information Technology. 

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