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Data centre facilities operations management have proven to be the key differentiator between a data centre that is performing well or badly. The old belief that a fully redundant data centre facility will save the day is no longer true as many research outcomes have revealed that the majority of downtime is caused by the human factor.

Even a data centre designed to the highest redundancy level could still experience many unscheduled downtimes due to poor operations.  Policies, processes, procedures and work instructions should be carefully developed and implemented, ideally following relevant standards, to ensure an efficient and effective data centre operations which are also compliant to the required regulations.


You can acquire these skills and knowledge quickly with these two courses...


Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist


Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager

The CDFOS and CDFOM courses will enable you to quickly gain the full understanding and requirements of running the day-to-day operations of mission critical high-availability data centre operations.  The courses break down the complexity of operations into manageable and systematic processes.  The topics covered are based on international standards and are fully aligned with the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard). These are intensive courses fully packed with relevant and practical knowledge which will enable you to improve the operations of your data centre operations immediately.




Get the free DCOS with the CDFOS/CDFOM training. 
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Data Centre Operations Standard

The DCOS provides you with a structured and progressive approach to improve data centre operations management. Implementing the DCOS® will enable your data centre to deliver services which are well defined and have a consistent level of quality. DCOS is the first and only complete standard addressing fully the 11 operational disciplines required for a mission critical high availability data centre.



You may be asking why would I need the DCOS?  What additional benefits can DCOS offer after I’ve attended the training?

The DCOS standard is your operations encyclopedia providing you with a solid guide to all processes required including the key practical requirements for implementing them. With the knowledge gained in the course and the DCOS in your hand, you will be unbeatable and you will be the master of operations commanding respect!

CDFOS or CDFOM, which course should I take?

Which course to take depends on your job scope. If the you are involved with daily operations such as maintaining facilities, staging of equipment, racking and stacking, capacity planning, monitoring and reporting etc., then CDFOS is the best fit. If you are at the teamleader/management level, responsible for service level agreements, managing vendors and contracts, setting up/managing the organization, managing people etc., then CDFOM is the best fit.

There are some managers who signed up for CDFOS as they wanted to have a better understanding of what challenges their staff are facing in running the day-to-day operations. This would allow them to better formulate new processes and procedures, especially for managers that came from another discipline as they might not have felt 'the pain" of running daily operations at an engineering level and therefore might like to get a better detail level of understanding about that in order to be better connected with their staff and make faster and better decisions.  As one manager said, "By knowing what my staff needs to know I can become a better manager as I will be much better at anticipating their needs and challenges".  



The quick and easy solution
to get you improving data centre operations, immediately!


The CDFOS/CDFOM and DCOS combination is perfect for operations staff/managers who want to improve their data centre operations management, increasing effectiveness, efficiency and reducing downtime.  The knowledge you will gain from the training, together with the DCOS in your hands would save you months or even years of learning on the job or mistakes.  They will add credibility and high-visibility to your profile!  You can start the journey to achieve operational excellence and stand out from the competition. Imagine what this can do for your company and your career prospects.  



Get your CDFOS/CDFOM and DCOS today! Contact us for information!



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