Design Evaluation

The goal of Data Centre Design Evaluation Services (DDES) is to evaluate the design of your new data centre, or the extension/alteration of your existing data centre and the parameters that may affect its performance and availability. The evaluation is intended to:

  • Evaluate the design criteria to meet the objective of your business requirements
  • Pro-actively prevent possible problems and risks during construction
  • Minimise the risk factors that potentially affect the performance and availability of data once operational
  • Evaluate Data Centre Maintenance options and complexity
  • Pro-actively bring potential enhancements to the attention of the customer
The study will be conducted by data centre professionals specialising in data centre design services; addressing five main critical design areas:
  • power layout and quality
  • environmental factors and dimensioning such as cooling, fire protection, monitoring of the data centre
  • electromagnetic fields
  • networks
  • operational security and safety
A report on the design of the data centre will be provided indicating the findings and the potential areas for improvement with recommendations. Business needs and budget constraints will be taken into consideration aimed at pro-actively improving the data centre and minimising business risks and costs.

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