Data Center Infrastructure Services Provider Offers Data Center Audits, Data Center Certification, Data Center Consulting, Data Center Management,  Data Center  Design Evaluation and Data Center  Operations Training.
Data Center Management, Data Center Training, Data Center Consulting, Data Center Certification and Data Center Evaluation Services Offers Data Centre Services like Data Center Audit Certification, Data Center Design Validation, Data Center Surveys, Data Center Security Management, Certified Data Center Training and IT Manager Training.

Be one of the World's first Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant and
Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor with our new training courses.
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  • Global Data Centre Professional Training & Certification Programs

    Benchmark your data centre knowledge at international level. Attend a training now.
    Choose from over 50 locations worldwide. Data Centre Training Framework Schedule

    Global Data Centre Professional Training & Certifications Programs
  • Does Your Data Centre Design Meet Your Business Requirements?

    Avoid costly mistakes. Our highly experienced Data Centre Consultants can
    analyse, evaluate and validate your data centre designs.

    Does Your Data Centre Design Meet Your Business Requirements?
  • Data Centre Audit and Certification Services

    Our auditors have done audits of data centres all over world. You can be assured of excellent
    knowledge of standards and professionalism from all EPI auditors.

    Data Centre Audit and Certification Services

Data Centre Infrastructure Services – Data Centre Audit, Data Centre Certification, Data Centre Audit Certification, Data Centre Consulting, Data Centre Training

With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission critical data center is designed, maintained and operated with hi-availability and efficiency in mind.

EPI delivers a wide range of data centre infrastructure services which enables businesses to design, implement, optimize, test, operate and maintain their mission critical data centre to ensure it meets and exceeds the business expectations.

Our extensive range of data centre services includes services such as, data centre consulting, data centre design evaluation, data centre design validation, data centre surveys, data centre assessments, data centre audits and data centre audit certification based on standards such as SS507, ISO/IEC-24762, ANSI/TIA-942 and other relevant international data centre standards.

EPI also offers a wide range of globally accredited certified data centre professional training such as CDCP / CDCS / CDCE / CDFOM / CITM / CDRP / CDMS / CDSM / CTDC / CTIA / CTEA.  Our courses enable organizations to educate and align their staff on data centre design principles, data centre efficiency, green data centre principles, data centre management, data centre operations management, security management, disaster recovery management, data centre migration, ANSI/TIA-942 design and audit. Our courses are accredited by bodies such as EXIN and the Professional Engineers Board and others. EPI’s courses have also been approved by BICSI for the BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs). 

Whether you are in need of data centre services, data centre training, data centre design validation, data centre audit or data centre consulting you can trust EPI that we deliver on the promise “Protecting your Interests”.