SS 506

What is SS 506 ?

SS 506 is the Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety and Health Management System and can be used for certification, registration and/or self-declaration of an organisation’s OSH management system and act as a useful guideline to provide generic assistance for establishing, implementing, maintaining or improving an OSH management system.


Why SS 506 certification?

An effective OSH management system will assure interested parties of company’s OSH performance and proper control of OSH risk; minimise injury risk; increase business productivity and achieve cost savings whilst having a positive impact on your company image. In addition, it provides a framework to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Benefits to you:

  • Create and enhance a healthy and safe working environment
  • Enhance company image and brand reputation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety towards company’s stakeholders and your employees
  • Minimize injury risks to employees and liability claims against employers
  • Increase productivity & reduce insurance premiums


Benefits to your customers:

  • Working with a trustworthy company who has health and safety at heart
  • Reduced risk of liability claims
  • Ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements


Benefits to your staff:

  • Safer work environment due to risk reduction
  • Improve staff morale knowing that the company cares about them


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