To open your e-book on an Android device, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Javelin reader free from Google Play Store 
  2. Download the e-book
    • Click on the e-book download link (in the email you have received), this will open the Dropbox site.  Select ‘Direct Download’ from the options, and the file will be saved to the Download folder on your Android device.
  3. Open and activate the e-book
    • Open Javelin
    • Touched the Home Icon (top left) on the Javelin app home page
    • Tap the blue icon with an arrow (the built-in file explorer) to locate that Download folder. You may need to tap the icon several times to navigate until you see the downloaded e-book file. Once you see the file, tap on it. 
    • It will ask you to enter an authorisation code the first time you open the e-book. Copy and paste the authorisation code (from the email you have received). You must have an internet connection at this point.
    • Suggestion:  It will be easier access the e-book the next time if you move the e-book file to the Javelin homepage.  To place your e-book file on the Javelin homepage, use your File browser facility (eg. MY FILES). Locate the download folder and the e-book file, and use this facility to MOVE the file to the Javelin folder.  
  4. To open the e-book next time, open Javelin and touch the icon for the e-book file.


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