SS 507

What is SS 507 ?

Better known in the market as the standard for BC/DR for Service Providers, the official title for the SS 507 standard is; Information and communications technology disaster recovery services.

This standard specifies requirements for ICT DR services, which include both those provided in-house and outsourced. It covers facilities and services capability and provides fallback and recovery support to an organisation’s ICT systems. The standard covers also the implementation, testing and execution aspects of disaster recovery. However, it does not include other aspects of business continuity management.


Why SS 507 certification?

SS 507 certification is a must have for any service provider as most business only outsource their BC/DR requirement to those providers who can substantiate their BC/DR claims with a valid SS 507 certificate.

SS 507 provides the customer of such providers a level of trust knowing that their business is well protect when it is needed the most.


Benefits to you:

  • Attract more business from organisations seeking to outsource their BC/DR services
  • Provides more clarity on your BC/DR capabilities
  • Benchmarks your facility and/or services against a well-established standard


Benefits to your customers:

  • Allow for an easier selection of a service provider which can meet your BC/DR requirements
  • Confidence that the BC/DR service provider will undergo a annual audit to ensure that the BC/DR facilities and/or services are ready when you need them


Benefits to your staff:

  • Provides confidence that BC/DR service request can meet the customers expectations 
  • Provides an easy benchmark for the service requirements to be put in place based on a well-established standard


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