DCOS Audit & Certification Service

DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard) is aimed at providing the data centre investor/owner/operator with a progressive approach to data centre operations management improvement.

The DCOS® audit will benchmark the data centre maintenance and operations based on the 11 disciplines as described in the EPI Data Centre Framework. The data centre organisation can choose to be audited for all of the 11 disciplines or a subset of 1 or multiple disciplines which the organisation deems to be the most critical to its business. 

The 11 Disciplines Covered by DCOS®

DCOS Service Level Management Service Level Management DCOS Organisation Organisation
DCOS Safety Management Safety Management DCOS Security Management Security Management
DCOS Project Management Project Management DCOS Facilities Management Facilities Management
DCOS Data Centre Operations Data Centre Operations DCOS Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability
DCOS Monitoring/Reporting/Control Monitoring/Reporting/
DCOS Organisational Resilience Organisational
Governance, Risk &

Each discipline chosen will be assessed for its maturity based on the widely adopted 5-level process maturity levels.

The audit report will provide the organisation with a clear view on its current operational maturity. This will enable the organisation to further improve its processes so that its valuable human capital can be maximised to create an efficient and effective data centre operations and maintenance team.

Upon achieving the DCOS® certification, the data centre will be listed on EPI’s website, providing proper levels of confidence to its customers, both internal and external, that appropriate levels of due diligence for risk management and operational efficiency have been taken showing good corporate governance.

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