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EPI offers a range of exclusive short courses to address critical knowledge gaps in the data centre and IT industry created by the fast-paced changes taking place.  The objective of these short courses is to help individuals and businesses to rapidly pick-up accurate and relevant knowledge needed to tackle the industry challenges of today and the future and become quickly proficient on the new technology, trends and standards in order to be successful. Though these courses are short (typically one day), they are nonetheless developed with the same EPI commitment to quality that we put into all our courses and services which has made EPI the household name in the global data centre and IT industry.  Certification exams are available, though not compulsory. 

Digital Transformation Course

You have been hearing these buzzwords - Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, AI and more. These new technology trends will have disruptive effects on enterprises - some will falter, while some will adapt, transform and grow.  The fact is, very few people truly understand these new technologies – what these trends are about, how these can be applied and what are the possible implications for the organization.  For enterprises to remain sustainable and to grow, they need their people to be equipped with the knowledge at every level of the organisation.  More...





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