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Data centre audit programme

Data centres are critical for businesses today.  The ability of the data centre to operate at peak performance and at the highest possible efficiency levels without service interruption is crucial for business continuity. EPI’s data centre conformance audit and certification service analyses and inspects all key elements of your data centre to ascertain compliance to various industry standards including ANSI/TIA-942, SS507, etc so as to ensure your business gets the highest availability and uptime with a sustainable operation model. Our data centre audit certification checklist focuses on over 2600 check points which include:

  • Architectural and site planning requirements
  • Electrical infrastructure requirements,
  • Mechanical and environmental control requirements,
  • Network/telecommunications requirements
  • Security and compliance
  • Safety measures e.g. fire detection/suppression, exit strategies
  • Operational practices
  • Disaster recovery planning

Our data centre audit will review:

  • Correct operational procedures and personnel responsibilities, cross-functional and training
  • Change controls to ensure they are adequate to ensure that changes are tested and approved, before being moved into production
  • Reliable operational procedures to minimise business interruption and protection against data loss in the event of a disaster
  • Physical security controls to prevent unauthorised access to the data centre

Having identified any shortcoming and inefficiency within the data centre, EPI will collaborate with you to produce a customised plan to suit your business needs and requirements of the standard chosen.

By consolidating standards and industry best practices, an EPI data centre audit will ensure that your data centre meets your needs both today and into the future.

• Foundation

EPI Data Center Framework

EPI Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS)

EPI Data Centre Conpetence Framework

EPI Data Center Training Framework

IT Training Framework

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