Data Centre Review

Data Centre Review

The Datacentre Compliance Review (DCR) is a thorough review of your data center in line with industry standards such as SS507, TIA-942, IEC-61000-4-8 and other norms and best practices for mission critical sites. It allows you to understand the fundamental gaps and risks in your datacenter which could lead to Hi-Availability problems, increased operating and maintenance cost. The outcome will allow you to address possible issues and areas of improvement allowing you to rectify issues before they become problems and to pro-actively budget for improvements.

The DCR service is often used by companies to plan for improvement or as an in-depth assessment as part of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) planning and implementation initiatives.

DCR is also used as a stepping stone to the DCC services which provides Certification based on international norms.

During the audit various documentation and processes will be reviewed and will also consist of a survey of the Data Centre itself and supporting facilities such as UPS Room etc. The audit reviews the following areas:

  • Data Centre location and construction
  • Electrical layout and dimensioning
  • Environmental control and monitoring
  • Fire Suppression
  • Electromagnetic Field analysis
  • Network
  • Operational Security and safety measures
  • Maintenance and Support
The output of the audit will be a concise report which will highlight the findings, potential risks and suggestions for improvement.

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