Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist (CDFOS®)

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CDFOS® Overview 

The CDFOS® (Certied Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist) course is a three-day course which will enable participants to fully understand the requirements of running the day-to-day operations of a mission critical data centre. Participants will gain all the required competences for running the daily operations, understand which processes should be in place, and the critical elements of those processes and how to execute them. The course is fully aligned with the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard).

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The primary audience for this course is anyone who works in and around IT, facilities or data centre operations and needs to understand and improve the daily operations including important processes such as lock-out/tag-out, the right process for installing/de-installing equipment, safety procedures, capacity management and much more.


It is advisable for the participants to have some experience in data centre operations although it is not required. It is highly recommended to attend the DCFC®/CDCP® course before attending the CDFOS® course.

Course Benefits

After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Implement and support requirements for Service Level Management
  • Practice safety aspects
  • Maintain the security of the physical data centre facility
  • Coordinate and supervise data centre facilities and equipment maintenance
  • Provide service management for data centre services
  • Operate the data centre making use of floor-, capacity and equipment life cycle management
  • Monitor and report on data centre availability, capacity and capability
  • Manage and implement basic data centre projects
  • Manage and support the document life cycle
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the data centre contributing to cost saving operations

Course Syllabus

Service Level Management

  • Why Service Level Agreements are critical to measure performance and setting the right expectations for customers
  • Critical steps for a successful Service Level Management
  • The relation between customers, service providers, infrastructure and suppliers
  • The various essential components of Service Level Agreements

Safety and Crisis Management

  • Most common type of accidents and why they often happen
  • The roles and responsibilities of appointed safety staff
  • The importance of the OH&S or WHS manual
  • Calibration of measurement and test equipment
  • Proper lock-out/tag-out procedures
  • Emergency response plan requirement for various potential emergencies
  • The importance of Permit To Work

Physical Security

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for security
  • Security risk assessment
  • Security zones
  • Physical inspections / security patrols
  • Delivery of goods / holding area
  • Entry control of individuals
  • Badges and key management
  • Security monitoring
  • Security incident reporting

Facilities Maintenance

  • The importance of maintenance
  • Maintenance definitions
  • Maintenance operations procedures (MOP)
  • Service reports
  • Spare management
  • Tools
  • Housekeeping

Data Centre Operations

  • Shift handover
  • Walk around duties
  • Service management
  • Release management
  • Configuration management
  • Floor management
  • Equipment life cycle management

Monitoring / Reporting / Control

  • Monitoring requirements
  • Facilities monitoring matrix
  • Sensor / alarm point testing and calibration
  • Notification matrix
  • Escalation requirements
  • Reporting

Project Management

  • Project management
  • Project organization
  • Project manager
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitor and control
  • Closing
  • Evaluation / lessons learnt

Environmental Sustainability

  • The importance of sustainability
  • Environmental standards
  • Power efficiency indicators
  • Energy saving best practises
  • Water management
  • Sustainable energy usage

Governance and Compliance

  • The importance of document management
  • The siz sub-processes of document management
  • Asset management
  • Requirements or asset recording

Delivery Structure and Formats

EPI courses are lectured by certied trainers. CDFOS® is an instructor-led course that uses a combination of lectures and question-and-answer sessions to discuss participants' specic needs and issues experienced in their own environment. Participants are able to tap into their trainer’s extensive experience to enable them to solve practical problems in their current environment, thus adding tremendous value.

The CDFOS® course is available in the following delivery formats:

  • ILT – Instructor Led Training
  • VILT – Virtual ILT
  • TOD – Training On Demand

The classes are available on public schedule as well as private group training.


Exam: Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist (CDFOS®)

Attendees will take a one and a half hour CDFOS® exam. The exam is 60 questions, closed book and multiple choice based. The passing mark is 45 out of 60.

Certification and Accreditation

Attendees passing the exam will be awarded the internationally accredited and recognized 'Certified Data Centre Facilties Operations Specialist' (CDFOS®) certificate.  

CDFOS® is globally accredited by EXIN, a fully independent exam and certification institute.

The CDFOS® certificate is valid for 3 years, after which recertification is required.  Please see the EPI Recertification Program for available options. 

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