CDFOS® - Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist

The CDFOS® (Certied Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist) course is a 3-day course which will enable participants to fully understand the requirements of running the day-to-day operations of a mission-critical data centre. Participants will gain all the required competences for running the daily operations, understand which processes should be in place, and the critical elements of those processes and how to execute them. The course is fully aligned with the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard).

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CDFOM® - Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager

CDFOM® is a 3-day course designed for individuals who need to manage Data Centre facilities either in an end-user/enterprise environment or in a Data Centre facilities provider environment such as Co-Location and/or Cloud Providers. By attending this course, the individual will enhance his/her skills and knowledge to manage the data centre more effectively and efficiently. This course covers in-depth knowledge in managing data centre operations including; setting up a data centre team, implementing key processes such as capacity planning, commissioning and de-commissioning of equipment, security and safety processes, equipment life cycle planning, document management and much more.

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CDESS® - Certified Data Centre Environmental Sustainability Specialist

CDESS® course is a 2-day aimed at providing knowledge to move your data centre (existing or new) to a more environmentally sustainable design and operations. The CDESS® contains 12 comprehensive chapters covering topics on the applicable global standards, international treaties, sustainable performance metrics, and deep dives into how to measure, implement and improve energy efficiency on electrical, mechanical, ICT, data storage; water and waste management; and sustainable energy.  The course will enable participants to create a roadmap to a carbon-neutral data centre.

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