EPI Presentation at DCW Hong Kong


Reducing Human Error Through the Application of DCOS (Data Centre Operations Standard)

Human errors are known to be one of the most prominent reasons why data centres suffer outages. Under- and/or over-engineered processes create either risk or inefficiencies resulting in an impact on the data centre performance and therefore the business. In this presentation, the speaker will provide an overview of which processes a data centre should have under management control and give an insight into the world’s first data centre operations standard (DCOS) and its comparison to other operational frameworks providing the audience with a clear view on what to use to benchmark their own governance and operations for their mission critical data centre.

Venue: Data Centre World Hong Kong, HKCEC
Theatre: Critical Equipment, Facilities Management & Physical Security and Build Theatre
Date/Time: 24 May 2017, 15:00-15:25


Speaker: Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO - EPI Group of Companies

Edward has over 25 years of experience in the global high-tech mission-critical data centre industry. He is the key-driver behind the success of EPI, growing EPI from a small UK-origin company to become a global organization, offering data centre training, audit and certification, and consulting services. Edward is an active member of many data centre professional groups. He is a canvassing and voting member for BICSI-002 and sits on the TR42 committee (ANSI/TIA-942 standard). Edward holds the ISO/IEC-2000 Lead Auditor and Consultant certificates. He has performed hundreds of data centre audits worldwide and is a well sought after speaker in the industry Edward has been awarded numerous awards including the 'CEO of the Month' by CIO Review magazine for his leadership in making EPI one of the 20 most promising data centre solution providers in the world.



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