Data Centre Trends and Standards/Guidelines to Support these Changes


Unravel the web of confusion around existing and upcoming data centre standards/guidelines and the role they play in enabling reliable data centre services


Global changes in the data centre industry such as cloud, IoT, and AI, are having a profound impact on today’s and tomorrow’s data centres.  The speaker will review these trends and discuss existing and upcoming data centre standards and guidelines, covering infrastructure, operations and green data centre and compare them to provide a transparent overview to the audience.  You will learn which standards/guidelines will contribute to enabling the primary goal of every data centre which is service reliability allowing you to make the right choice based on your business objective.


Learning Objectives

Understand the difference between a code, a guideline and a standard.  Understand how the data centre world is changing in relation to worldwide standards/guidelines.  Identify which standards/guidelines will be useful for your needs (end-user, colocation, hosting provider, designer, government, etc). 


Location: New Horizons, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1
When: 21 Nov 2017
Time:  18:30
Price:  FREE


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Meet the Speaker

Edward van Leent
Chairman and CEO
EPI Group of Companies


Edward has over 30 years of experience in the global high-tech, high-availability and mission-critical data centre industry.  With the unique combination of in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the trends and developments in the industry, Edward is the key-driver behind the success of EPI, defining and executing the strategies which grew EPI from a small UK-origin company to become a global organization operating in over 50 countries via direct operations and a large partner network, offering data centre training, data centre audit and certification and consulting services. 

Edward is an active member of a number of data centre professional groups including AFCOM, IDCP, FEA, ASHRAE, Green Data Centre Alliance, Data Centre Professionals, Data Centre Architects, Data Centre Facilities Management Group and the Data Centre Engineering Group.  He is a canvassing and voting member for BICSI-002 and sits on the TR42 committee (ANSI/TIA-942 standard).  He is also the Vice-Chairman of the workgroup for the Singapore Standard for BC/DCR-SS507.

Edward also holds the ISO/IEC-2000 Lead Auditor and Lead Consultant certificates.  He has performed over hundreds of data centre audits worldwide and has been selected as the sole auditor under iDA/Spring/PSB to audit mission critical site facilities for clause 4 in the SS507-BC/DR standard. 

He has also been honoured with awards such as the ‘World-Wide Field Operations Award’, the ‘Excellence Award’ and the prestigious ‘Chairman's Achievement Award’ in his previous tenures at companies such as Mentor Graphics and Sequent.

Being one of the thought leaders in the industry, he is a well sought after speaker on a variety of topics such as mission critical data centres, IT service management, electro-magnetic fields and other topics in which he is well versed.


Register now and enjoy an evening with industry peers!


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