Introduction to CREATE 

CREATE (Career Recovery Assisted Training Effort) is the joint initiative of EPI & EXIN to support the rebuilding of the economy by retraining workers who are currently unemployed. The aim is to enable them to get employed/re-employed in the IT and data center sector.  

2020 is a tough year for both job seekers and employers and economic reports are projecting that 2021 will be tougher. 

We are now in the digital era, where old-school skills are fast becoming obsolete, and new digital economy skills are in-demand.  Among the top skills are the IT and data center where skills shortage has always been a known issue. 

CREATE : Objectives

The CREATE programs has 3 key objectives:

  1. Create opportunities for currently unemployed job seekers to get re-trained and re-employed. Adding a globally accredited certification to their resume will make them more attractive to hiring organizations.
  2. Create a pool of skilled and certified human resources for IT and data center employers. This will also result in cost savings (training) for those employers and getting new hires up-to-speed quickly.
  3. Create the channel to work with stakeholders and/or agencies responsible for economic recovery, skills development, retraining, job placement, and career advisory.


CREATE : Program

The CREATE program includes both training and certification. It combines the EPI world-class Training On Demand (TOD) courses and the EXIN-EPI globally recognized certifications. Candidates who are eligible can get access to both the courses and exam, and those who pass the exam will receive the industry recognized EXIN-EPI certifications.

CREATE : Training

There are 4 courses and certifications under CREATE:

  • DCFC (Data Center Foundation Certificate)
    For people who are new to data centers, this will give them comprehensive industry knowledge about data center facility/infrastructure that will add great value when applying for jobs and answering interview questions in the data center sector and the its supply chain.

  • CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional)
    CDCP is for people who have experience in the data center but never had a formal training or industry certification.  This will give them extensive knowledge about the data center design/build and enable them to identify improvements in the data center design/build which could lead to extensive cost-savings.

  • CITO (Certified IT Operator)
    CITO is the training for anyone who wants to get a job in the IT industry. It provides the entry level knowledge required of IT workers. It is fully aligned to what the industry needs based on the e-CF (e-Competence Framework) which is also an industry standard EN 16234. 

  • CITM (Certified IT Manager)
    CITM is the training for modern IT managers, providing practical knowledge that can be applied immediately after the training. It covers the extensive competences required of IT managers/senior supervisors. The contents of CITM is fully aligned to skills in demand as identified in the e-CF.


Each CREATE training and certification is available for just US$149.00.
Great value for an accredited training and globally recognized professional certification.


Approved candidates will receive the complete package which includes 3 items:

  • Access to the Training on Demand (TOD) course for 1 month, to help them prepare for the exam

  • 1 comprehensive student ebook for exam preparation review and valuable reference on the job

  • 1 online exam using world-class proctored technology

(All items are non-transferable.)

If a re-take exam is required, this is available at a subsidized fee of US$125.00 per exam. 


CREATE : Eligibility

The eligibility criteria:

  • Unemployed for 2 months or more

  • Registered with a local government unemployment agency or other proof of unemployment

  • Valid globally


CREATE : Application

Before submitting your application, please ensure the 3 eligibility criteria have been met. The process:

  • Send email to create@epi-ap.com

  • Indicate the training course(s) you are applying for (DCFC, CDCP, CITO, and/or CITM), you can apply for multiple courses

  • Attach official ID (national ID / passport / government-issued ID)

  • Attach a government-issued letter confirming unemployment


Processing time:

  • EPI will process your application within 1 week and will send you an email. So, keep a lookout!


CREATE : Expiry

The last day for application submission is 31 Mar 2021.

The last day to complete exam is 30 Apr 2021, including any re-take exams.


CREATE : Support

If you have any questions, email us at  create@epi-ap.com.





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