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Even a data centre designed to the highest redundancy level could still experience many unscheduled downtime events due to poor planning, operations, maintenance and management processes. Improve your data centre operations efficiency, learn how to systematically:

  • Perform needs analysis translating business requirements to data centre services
  • Set-up and manage the data centre operations team
  • Implement and monitor safety- and security practices
  • Identify a suitable maintenance program for the data centre facility and its equipment
  • Select the appropriate policies and procedures required for data centre operations
  • Monitor the data centre availability, capacity and capability
  • Manage and implement basic data centre projects
  • Set-up and implement an environmental sustainability program
  • Select an appropriate back-up site to support organizational resilience
  • Identify and respond to risk in the data centre
  • Manage and support the document life cycle
  • Create a basic budget proposal
  • Select and manage vendors and measure their performance
  • Manage data centre assets



The CDFOM® is a certification course for data centre managers to gain in-depth knowledge of managing data centre operations. It breaks down the complexity of managing a mission-critical high-availability data centre facility into manageable and systematic processes. It covers the all the 11 process domains in data centre management.  

The CDFOM® is fully aligned with the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard).  Not only are the topics based on international standards, the course includes data centre management best-practises used by seasoned data centre professionals around the globe.


CDFOM-TOD (Training on Demand)

CDFOM-TOD is perfect for data centre managers with a busy schedule like you because you can learn at your own pace and time.  You can also repeat any lessons where you need reinforcement.



Get CDFOM-TOD and save US$239

US$1195 US$956 

You will receive:

CDFOM-TOD (1-year access)

The 487-pages student e-book

1 free CDFOM exam voucher 

Plus 3 exclusive bonuses 
(available only with this offer!)

Bonus 1

59 sample exam questions (multiple choice)
to help with exam preparation

Bonus 2

17 quiz questions (answers provided)
to enhance memory and retention 

Bonus 3

17 data centre operations checklists
(daily, weekly, monthly, yearly maintenance schedule)

1.  General facility

2.  Plumbing

3.  Elevators/Lifts

4.  Raised/Access floor

5.  Monitoring systems (EMS/BMS)

6.  CCTV system

7.  Access control system

8.  Fire safety

9.  Bulk fuel storage

10.  Generators

11.  Transformers

12.  Power distribution

13.  Static UPS

14.  Dynamic UPS

15.  Chiller

16.  Cooling towers

17.  Indoor air-conditioning units

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