Free EMF Course For Data Center Professionals

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EMF (electromagnetic field) is often not taken into account in data centre designs.  EMF potentially causes EMI (electromagnetic interference) which is one of the factors affecting the availability of a data center as well as the health and wellbeing of staff working in high levels of EMF. 

Learn all about EMF and how to mitigate EMF threats in the EMF TOD (Training On Demand) course. 

EMF TOD (Training On Demand) Course

Duration: 18 minutes

This course is part of the CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional) [link to CDCP] course which covers the full aspects of the data centre facility design and build.

If you have taken the CDCP course, we recommend that you skip this offer as it will not add value to you. Your time is valuable and you can put your 18 minutes to more productive use. wink

You will learn:

  • EMF Definitions and measurements
  • Sources
  • Effects on human health and equipment
  • Standards
  • Prevention techniques
  • Shielding solutions


Registration and course access

  • Registration is open from 1-3 Mar 2021.
  • Limited to first 100 registrations only.
  • TOD is Training On Demand which is online video course.
  • Your registration will be processed on 4 Mar, and you will receive your course login within 3 working days.
  • The EMF TOD course access is for 14 days. Please remember to complete the course by 17 Mar 2021.
  • The course is non-transferable.


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