CNCDP-TOD Launch Offer

CNCDP® (Certified Network Cabling Design Professional) will teach participants how to design and install the data network cabling system which includes key subjects such as; technical standards, architecture, designing of different cabling sub-systems, calculation of material requirements, installation, testing and acceptance.

After course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the various standards for network cabling systems, the various architecture models and how to apply them
  • Design the user cabling and patching system for both commercial buildings and data centres
  • Design the backbones for both indoor and outdoor cabling
  • Select the proper cabling containment/ pathways for network installations
  • Apply the correct installation practices and avoid common mistakes
  • Define the right testing criteria and methods for copper and fiber systems

The key audience for this course includes IT, facilities or data centre professionals 


CNCDP-TOD (Training on Demand)

CNCDP-TOD is perfect for people with a busy schedule.  It provides the flexibility to learn at your own pace and time, whether sitting at your desk, in your car, on a train/bus or on a jog.  You can also repeat any lessons to get a better grasp on any of the topics.



Get CNCDP-TOD now for US$ 476 only!

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CNCDP-TOD, ebook and exam
US$595 US$476

Digital Transformation TOD
US$95 Free

Digital Transformation exam
US$40 Free

Total value US$730.  It's yours for US$476. 
Total savings US$254!

- Offer expires 30 Sep 2021 -
- All prices in US$ -

More info about CNCDP, click here

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