EPI 35th Anniversary Flash Sales

We are celebrating our 35th Anniversary.  And to celebrate, we are giving you something to celebrate as well!  A special Flash Sales, with the biggest discount ever!

35% off  all EPI TOD (Training On Demand) courses, including the exams!
Five days only, from 18-22 Apr 2022!

11 TOD courses for you to choose from:

 Course  Regular
Flash Sales


DCFC  Data Centre Foundation Certificate 595.00  386.75 208.25 
CDCP Certified Data Centre Professional  795.00 516.75 278.25 
CDCS Certified Data Centre Specialist 1195.00 776.75 418.25
CNCDP Certified Network Cabling Design Professional 595.00 386.75 208.25
CDFOS Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist 1195.00 776.75 418.25
CDFOM Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager 1195.00 776.75 418.25
CDRP Certified Data Centre Risk Professional 795.00 516.75 278.25
CDMS Certified Data Migration Professional 795.00 516.75 278.25
CITO Certified IT Operator 395.00 256.75 138.25
CITM Certified IT Manager 495.00 321.75 173.25
DT Digital Transformation 95.00 61.75 33.25
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