ISO 22237 Certification 35% Off

Does your data center have an existing TIA-942 certification?  If your answer is yes, congrats!  You qualify for a 35% discount for an ISO 22237 certification.  

You could claim the fame for being the first data center in your country to have two data center facilities certifications
- the TIA-942 and ISO 22237!

You may ask why would I need two certifications? The answer is simple. 

TIA-942 is the most popular certification in the industry while ISO 22237 is up and coming.  Leading data centers are preparing themselves to be ready. 

Because ISO 22237 is still very new, it presents a marketing opportunity to claim leadership in your country as the data center with both TIA-942 and ISO 22237 certifications.   

Imagine the news headline "(Your data center name), First data center in (country) to receive two internationally recognised data center facility certifications."

This demonstrates your leadershipcommitment to safeguard your customers' digital assets and enhances your brand reputation.

They will give your marketing team the bullets they can use to shout out your new achievements, remind your target customers why they should work with you, and attract more new leads.

This will give your salespeople the strategic advantage to win customers from your competitors which will lock in your revenue for the next 5-10 years or more.

Your team will be proud to work in a leading world-class facility, and attracting talent to work for you will be easier.

For a limited time only, EPI is offering a 35% discount for the ISO 22237 certification to data centers with an existing (active) TIA-942 certification.  This is the final promotion on EPI’s 35th year anniversary. 

The window of opportunity to claim the fame for being the first in your country is now!

You can make it happen if you act fast. 

Request for a proposal today!  


Promotion date: 1 Nov 2022 to 31 Jan 2023


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