How an Unassuming Data Center Executive Stole the Show

John's heart was pounding with a mix of excitement, anxiety and confidence as he stood up in the meeting room. He was about to present a new idea, a novel approach to improve their data center’s performance. 

The room fell silent as he shared his proposal, and something remarkable happened – they didn’t just listen, they nodded in agreement.

John felt the rush of exhilaration as his voice was heard. This moment wasn't solely about offering a suggestion; it signified the recognition of his expertise.

The atmosphere of respect in that room was unparalleled. This was the moment his career took a pivotal turn. 

New possibilities have opened up to John.  It wasn’t just about the positive impact on their data center’s efficiency, it was about the doors that have swung open for his advancement. 

The recognition he received wasn’t just a pat of the back; it’s a passport to growth and success. All because John made a decision to attend the CDCP course. Armed with the new knowledge and skills to identify, scrutinize, and articulate solutions, he exuded newfound confidence in presenting his findings.


John’s situation is common among data center professionals. He is just one example of what CDCP certification has done for thousands of data center professionals all over the world.

The CDCP certification can do the same for you.  Read on, we have a fabulous offer for you!

What's the CDCP?

CDCP, or Certified Data Center Professional, is the most in-demand data center training and certification program offered by EPI.  It is designed based on the Data Center Competence Framework and meticulously crafted to pass on the wisdom of accomplished data center experts. It provides data center professionals with the skills to stand out and succeed. 

This knowledge-rich training course spans key mission-critical data center components. You will learn how to setup a data center facility/infrastructure – from location and power to cooling, networking, racks, lighting, water, fire safety, security, auxiliary systems, and industry standards. 

Click this link for the full CDCP outline and benefits.

What some of our past CDCP graduates have to say:

“CDCP was a game-changer for me. The training was not just informative but applicable, making a real difference in how I approach data center challenges.” - Tim Desmond, Data Center Solutions Manager SEA, Delta.

"I can confidently say that this course has not only expanded my expertise but has also opened new doors of opportunities in the data center industry.” - Shannon Wood, Vice President, Program Management Office (Critical Infrastructure Services), Salute Mission Critical.

“I have taken the CDCP training and it was absolutely fantastic in my opinion! The benefits it brought me at personal and professional levels are countless, really!” - Ricardo Pereira, Switzerland.


We have fantastic news!  In collaboration with W.Media, we're releasing a fantastic promotion as a run-up to the NZCDC (New Zealand Cloud and Datacenter Convention).

Register for CDCP course and Bring A Friend For Free! 

Your friend pays only the exam fee.  This means a whopping saving of $2658 or a 44% discount for the two of you!

This promotion will not be repeated. It is only because of NZCDC that EPI is extending such an exceptional offer.


CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional)

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Training date: 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2023 
  • Time: 09:00-17:00
  • Location: Grand Millenium, Auckland
  • Fee for 1 participant: $2995, inclusive of training, student ebook and exam voucher


Bring a Friend for Free.  Friend pays only the exam fee, $337.

  • Total for 2 participants - $3332 (Original fee $5990, you save 44% or $2658)
  • Limited to 2 participants only per company.

Convince Your Boss

If you’re thinking of asking your company to sponsor the training but uncertain about how proceed - no worries, we’ve got you covered.  We have an email template ready to help you make your case. 

Would you like to confidently identify, scrutinize, and articulate data center solutions?  

Whether you decide to wait or to take action now, your choice will shape your future with very different outcomes. 

One final note.  We can only accommodate 20 participants in this class.  

Seize the moment, don’t let it slip away. Make the decision today to enroll in the CDCP training and certification program, and create a compelling future for yourself!


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