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Beyond corporate responsibility, more decision makers are including sustainability and energy efficiency as a key deciding factor when considering the environmental practices of their suppliers. This consideration goes beyond the traditional factors of cost, performance, availability, and security. While we rely on data centers to complete many of our daily business and personal tasks, operating, maintaining, and expanding this critical technology can come with staggering environmental costs.

What makes a data center sustainable?

Simply put, a sustainable data center minimizes its impact on the environment by emphasizing energy efficiency, incorporating renewable energy, conserving water, and reducing as much waste as possible. This presents numerous challenges for the industry, as it is now requires a rethink on how we design, construct and operate data centers sustainably.

Through the introduction of our new CDESS (Certified Data Center Environmental Sustainability Specialist) training course, EPI is delivering a framework that will provide data center professionals with the tools they need to face this challenge with confidence.  

Some of the key topics include:

1. How to Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption

2. Mechanical Design Practices to Improve Efficiency

3. Monitoring and Minimizing Carbon Emissions

4. The Role that Renewable Energy Play

5. Managing Legacy Equipment and E-Waste

6. Sustainable Procurement Options

7. The Key Metrics for Sustainability Performance

8. Strategic Approaches to Water Management

9. The Financial Implications of Sustainability Initiatives

10. How to Create a Culture of Sustainability Among Staff

11. What Are the International Standards for Data Center Sustainability

12. What Are the Best Practices for Sustainable Data Center Design

13. How to Educate Stakeholders and Clients About Sustainability


Special Launch Offer

To kickstart your journey on data center sustainability, we're offering a one-time 20% discount for the CDESS-TOD!


  • Regular price: US$ 795
  • Promotion: 20% off
  • Price after promotion: $636
  • You save: $159!
  • Valid from 2 Oct to 31 Dec 2023 only

Here's what you'll enjoy:

  • Unlimited Access: You'll have 12 months of unlimited access to the CDESS-TOD course.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace: Choose to complete the course in as little as 2 days or take your time over 12 months, depending on your urgency.
  • Repeat Lessons: Feel free to rewind or revisit any lessons as often as you like to enhance your understanding.
  • Learn At Your Convenience: Fit lessons into your busy schedule by taking them in short, manageable durations.
  • Support From Experts: You’ll get email support from our in-house team of experts.
  • Study Materials: You'll receive the student ebook, a valuable study guide and source of expert knowledge for data center environmental sustainability at your fingertips.


Enrol now and save!  >> CDESS registration link


Need more information?  Here's the course outline, or contact us!






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