CTDC TIA-942-C Upgrade: Extraordinary Promotion!


As the data center landscape continues to evolve with the release of the TIA-942-C standard, EPI is excited to extend a special promotion to our valued customers who are holding the CTDC TIA-942-A and/or TIA-942-B certification.

We recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards, and we’re committed to supporting you.

EPI is offering up to 50% discount!


The Key Benefits of Upgrading:

  1. Stay Current with Industry Standards
    Upgrading ensures that you remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.
  2. Gain Cutting Edge Resources and Insights
    The new CTDC features updated curriculum and materials, reflecting the advancements introduced in the TIA-942-C standard.
  3. Enhance Proficiency, Credibility and Relevance
    The CTDC TIA-942-C certification demonstrates your proficiency in designing data center infrastructure according to the latest industry standard.  This makes you a valuable asset to your company and clients alike. 
  4. Exceptional Cost Savings, Limited Time Only
    Upgrade your skills, knowledge and certification, at a fraction of the cost!


Two Offers:

We have designed two offers so you can choose the one that suits your learning preference and budget.   


Offer #1 - CTDC Upgrade via VILT

Upgrade by attending a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

CTDC Certification Year

Upgrade Discount*

Selected schedules only!



27 May, 14 Aug, 18 Nov

20 May, 28 Aug, 13 Nov

19 Jun, 7 Oct, 2 Dec

15 May, 17 Jul, 25 Sep



2021 & prior



  1. Attendance on a live VILT class
  2. CTDC Student e-book
  3. CTDC exam voucher, and
  4. TIA-942-C standard (worth US$ 653.00)

*Selected schedules only


Offer #2 - CTDC Upgrade via Self Study

This option offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace and time.

CTDC Certification Year

CTDC Self Study
Upgrade Discount**

CTDC Self Study
Upgrade Fee



Before discount US$ 1895

After discount US$ 1200


  1. CTDC Student e-book
  2. CTDC exam voucher, and
  3. TIA-942-C standard (worth US$ 653.00)

**Valid until 30 September 2024



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