Uptime ATD, ATS or ATP Upgrade to CTDC TIA-942-C


From Uptime Guidelines to TIA-942 Standard: Extend Your Expertise!

As the data center landscape continues to evolve with the release of the TIA-942-C standard, EPI is excited to extend a special promotion to professionals with Uptime Institute’s ATD / ATS / ATP certification.

We’re offering an exceptional, up to 50% discount, promotion on the CTDC (Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant) training and certification.


Why TIA-942?

  1. TIA-942 is a globally recognized data center standard
    TIA-942, also known as the ANSI/TIA-942, is developed by a committee of subject matter experts from various sectors of the data center industry under the leadership of TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association). The dual designation signifies that the standard has undergone rigorous development and review, following the accredited standard development process as defined by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).
  2. Comprehensive data center design framework
    It provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for designing and building data centers, covering the 9 key components required for a mission critical data center.  These 9 components are; site location, architectural, electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, physical security, safety, fire detection/suppression and facilities monitoring.
  3. Detailed and Prescriptive approach
    It outlines the specific requirements for the various data center facility components.



The CTDC is the globally recognized certification for data center designers with TIA-942 expertise.     


The Key Benefits of CTDC:

  1. Broaden Your Expertise
    The CTDC will expand your expertise to all components required for design and build of a robust and reliable data center.  It’ll broaden your expertise to encompass a deep understanding of the TIA-942 requirements. 
  2. Gain Cutting Edge Resources and Insights
    The new CTDC features updated curriculum and materials, reflecting the advancements introduced in the TIA-942-C standard. It ensures that you remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.
  3. Enhance Credibility and Relevance
    The CTDC TIA-942-C certification demonstrates your proficiency in designing data center infrastructure according to the latest industry standard.  Holding both Uptime Institute and EPI CTDC certifications enhances your credibility and relevance, making you a valuable asset to your company and clients alike. 
  4. Exceptional Cost Savings
    Extend your skills and gain a valuable globally recognized certification, at a fraction of the cost!


CTDC Upgrade Offer

Upgrade by attending a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

ATD / ATS / ATP Certification Year

Upgrade Discount*

Selected schedules only!



27 May, 14 Aug, 18 Nov

20 May, 28 Aug, 13 Nov

19 Jun, 7 Oct, 2 Dec

15 May, 17 Jul, 25 Sep



2021 & prior


The discounted fee includes:

  1. Attendance on a live VILT class
  2. CTDC Student e-book
  3. CTDC exam voucher, and
  4. TIA-942-C standard (worth US$ 653.00)

*Selected schedules only



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