AFCOM Data Center World 2016 - A resounding success for EPI!

The journey started on 13 Mar, when our team travelled to Vegas from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and different parts of USA.  The Data Center World Global Conference took place 14-18 March and we had a great event!  We met up with many people; reconnected with old contacts and made new ones. 

Our Chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies, Edward van Leent, presented an Education Session to a packed room about Data Center Operations Standards and Guidelines.  Edward's delivery was lively, entertaining and interesting. The audience was fully engaged and laughter was heard throughout the session as Edward shared his experience.  They gave Edward a resounding round of applause at the end and even a shout of, 'Excellent presentation!'

We had many visitors to our exhibition booth asking questions about EPI’s data center training courses.  Many were excited when we showed them the EPI Data Center Training Roadmap – a quick guide to identify the training courses for the various job roles in a data center organisation.  Everyone who saw the roadmap wanted a copy and we had only one copy left at the end of 3 hours. 

Visitors were also interested the in the EPI-DCCF®, the world’s first and so far only data center competency framework, and the EPI-DCOS®, another world’s first and only COMPLETE data center operations standard. 

We received feedback and comments from the delegates such as:

“Meeting you guys made my whole trip worth while”, said a delegate from Alaska.

“This EPI-DCOS® standard is so practical and complete, I will buy 45 copies for my whole team”, said a delegate from a very well-known co-location provider.

“Love this EPI-DCCF® quick guide as now I can quickly determine my training requirements”, said a delegate from a US government department.

Tired by the end of the 5-days, we packed up and left Vegas.  All in all, it was a most satisfying and rewarding event and we are very excited about the very positive feedback from customers and prospects about our products and services portfolio. 


EPI Education Session 


EPI Education Session


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EPI Booth


EPI Booth

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