EPI Releases World’s First Quick Guide for Competency Based Data Centre Career Development

Singapore (12 Apr 2016) – EPI announced today the global release of its Quick Guide for Data Centre Career Development.

The Most Efficient Guidance for Data Centre & HR Managers for Developing Staff Competences

EPI’s Quick Guide for Data Centre Career Development lists over 30 job roles in a data centre organisation and provides guidance on the required and recommended training for each job role to ensure that staff have the right competences to execute that role. Full examples of those job roles can be found in the EPI-DCCF® allowing data centre and HR managers to quickly draft up job profiles and requirements.  

This handy 5-page guide is based on the EPI - Data Centre Competence Framework (EPI-DCCF®), the first and only competence framework for the data centre industry, released by EPI in September 2015. The EPI-DCCF® is a complete competence framework of over 80 pages long and provides an excellent overview and background info on all competences required by data centre staff.

“The EPI-DCCF® has been getting a lot of attention from data centre operators, owners and users as well as our competition”, noted Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO for the EPI Group of Companies.  “We have received very positive feedback on the EPI-DCCF®.  Organisations have come back to us to assist them with another problem they face.  They wanted a quick guide to develop their staff’s competences and make them productive as quickly as possible whilst minimising risk and maximising the investment in human capital.  This Quick Guide is the outcome,”

Van Leent added, “These Data Centre and HR Managers have indicated that they have very little time and interest for competency & confidence assessment modelling as these are often very time consuming and inherent to change leading to a lot of time wasted. Many organisations have no time to go through lengthy engagements, they need to be competitive and innovative and ensure that staff is quickly brought up to speed to ensure they are efficient and capable.  This Quick Guide will allow data centre & HR managers to put training plans together for all their staff in a matter of hours instead of day and week-long assessments.”

EPI’s Quick Guide for Data Centre Career Development is the most efficient way to plan careers, create staff development plans and monitor staffs progress as they move forward in their career.

FREE for download in 6 languages, more to be released!

The EPI Quick Guide for Data Centre Career Development can be downloaded for free from www.epi-ap.com/dccf.  It is available in English and has been translated into 5 other languages and more translations will be released in the coming weeks. 


About EPI

EPI is a European-origin, global data centre specialist company operating world-wide in over 50 countries through direct operations and a large partner network.  EPI offers an extensive range of data centre expert services which include consulting, data centre auditing and certification, and training.  

Established in 1987, EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation.  EPI has released several frameworks namely, EPI Data Centre Framework®, EPI Data Centre Competence Framework® (EPI-DCCF) the EPI Data Centre Training Framework as well as the first global Data Centre Operations Standard, EPI-DCOS®  

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