TCSolutions and EPI enter in a renewed partnership for Brazil

Brazil / Singapore April 26, 2013, TCSolutions and EPI today announced that TCSolutions will continue to provide the wide range of data centre courses under the EPI brand.

TCSolutions - Brazil has been conducting the EPI data centre course material under ICOR partnership for a number of years. However, EPI has ceased the partnership with ICOR as of the 2nd of April 2013. "We are very pleased that TCSolutions will continue to work with EPI to provide and deliver data centre courses to the market in Brazil"; said Mr Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO for the EPI Group of Companies. TCSolutions has a great reputation in the market and has delivered consistent quality services to its customers which is very important to us. EPI is expanding its training programs and we have recently closed a partnership with TIA (Telecommunications Infrastructure Association) where EPI will globally deliver the CTDC (Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant) and CTA – (Certified TIA-942 Auditor) courses. These courses will also become available to the market in Brazil via TCSolutions.

We are very excited about this new level of partnership said Mr Jayme Cosceli, General Manager at TCSolutions. EPI was the first in the data centre training market and has by far the largest number of students trained in this industry. The EPI branding is important as it is globally recognized which is of great value to our customers. TCSolutions is well known for its expertise in data centre design and built which is of great value during the training courses as all our trainers have first hand experience. Working with a global company like EPI helps us to further strengthen our capabilities and services portfolio. All our customers can be confident that the investment they have done in training will remain protected as TCSolutions and EPI honour the previous issued certificates.

About TCSolutions

TCSolutions, based in São Paulo, Brazil since 2004, is a company dedicated to be up to date to new technologies of products and techniques to be applied in the Data Centre market. TCSolutions group of engineers is trained, certified and prepared to select the right products and technologies for all types of Data Centres.
In March,2013 it was created TCSolutions Latin America, based in Florida, USA with its main focus to serve other countries of South America.

About Enterprise Product Integration Pte. Ltd

EPI, with its Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore, is a European origin company operating world-wide via direct operations and a large partner network. EPI's focus is on mission critical, hi-availability, environments. EPI gained an international reputation as a company offering an extensive range of Data Centre infrastructure services including consultancy, audit, certification and training. The company has developed a reputation for high quality technical expertise, flexibility, innovative techniques, personal service, and a powerful combination of capabilities and technologies.

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Email: sales@epi-ap.com

Rua Maestro João Gomes de Araújo,
106 - cj. 62/63
Água Fria - 02332-020 - São Paulo / SP
Tel: +55 (11) 2976-5701
email: thamara@tcsolutions.com.br


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