EPI unveils a new exam method with advanced remote proctoring technology called; "EXAM –Anywhere"

EPI are pleased to announce a major, exciting, and a world's first in data centre training, called "EXAM-Anywhere".

EXAM-Anywhere will allow students to take an exam at any location and at any time. EXAM-Anywhere will give students great flexibility to do a retake exam without having the need to go back to the training centre which is very helpful to cut down travel inconveniences and costs for students, especially for those who took the course overseas.

EXAM-Anywhere is based on an advanced technology that allows remote proctoring. “This innovative way of taking exams offers enormous benefits to students. Using their own computer and webcam, Data Centre professionals can now take their exams on-demand and securely at a time and location that suits them. It saves travel-time to testing centers and the cost of travel when taking an exam”, said ‘Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI’. This is the most advanced exam technology in the market.

When a student logon to the system they will first have to show their ID next to their face in front of the camera for identification. After this they will need to take the camera and show the surroundings of the exam location to ensure that the room is clear. During the exam itself the students’ eye movements, sound in the room, keyboard strokes/timings and body movements will be monitored by the software. Any suspicious activities will be flagged immediately and will render the exam 'invalid'. The session will also be recorded and reviewed on a sampling basis hence, if during the reviewing of the recording irregularities are detected the exam results will be invalidated. Now students can literally take the exam at their kitchen table...

EXIN is very pleased that EPI has adopted this advanced technology said ‘Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN’.   EXIN has deployed and tested this advanced remote proctoring methodology for a year before rolling it out for the EPI exams. EXIN and EPI have yet again proven that we are both leaders in our respective fields.
EXAM-Anywhere will become available in the first week of August 2013 and is primarily aimed at exam re-takers. Students who want to do the retake exam for EPI courses can start to contact with EPI authorised Partners for more detail information from now.  

For further question to EPI, please contact ' support@epi-ap.com'.


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