Codisa Data Center Receives the DCOS Certification from EPI – Level-4

San Jose, Costa Rica (15-May-2017) – EPI recently awarded Codisa Data Center Costa Rica the DCOS (Data Centre Operations Standard) conformity certification for maturity level-4 - which means the data centre processes are “Managed, Measured, Controlled and Continuously Improved”.  This is the first DCOS certification achieved in Costa Rica and the first in Latin America for maturity level-4.

“Although Codisa had previously been awarded the first Uptime Institute M&O Stamp in Latin America, we decided to apply for the DCOS from EPI for a variety of reasons,” said Mr. Diego Cardoza, General Manager, Codisa Data Center. “Firstly, the DCOS is covering all of the process domains in a data centre, some of which are not part of the M&O scope such as safety, organizational resilience and others. Secondly, DCOS gives us the ability to have a progressive approach for improvement since the process maturity is benchmarked based on the well-known ISO maturity levels (1-5). Thirdly, DCOS is aligned with ISO and hence we did not have to adjust or recreate processes since we already have a number of ISO certificates and DCOS is a great addition to improve in other areas not covered by our ISO certificates.”

“Codisa is running a very critical infrastructure,” said Mr Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner, EPI LATAM. “Market research has proven that governance, maintenance and operations are key factors for an effective and efficient data centre. Codisa clearly understands this.  We are very pleased that they realize the value of the DCOS and how it can help them benchmark themselves based on the ISO maturity model.  The Codisa team is very professional and they work hard to constantly improve their operations.”

“We are seeing a much greater than anticipated uptake on our DCOS,” said Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO, EPI Group of Companies. “We worked very hard to get a practical, ISO aligned standard out and it is clear that the DCOS is filling a gap. Recently we have seen an increased demand from data centres who wish to be audited based on the DCOS as many indicated that there is now finally a single reference point for Governance, Maintenance and Operations of data centres. Another strong point customers appreciate is that DCOS allows them to grow their process maturity level as-and-when the organization is ready and the business requirements are there. This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and ‘do-it-all-at-once’ standard. We expect DCOS soon to become the de facto standard for data centre operations.”


Codisa Data Center is a Costa Rican Company born in 1991 offering IT products and services for financial, government and major private companies.

It owns and operate three Tier III and Rated 3 data centres under de ISO 9001:2015 standard, the Uptime Institute M&O Stamp and EPI DCOS Maturity Level-4. The staff has multiple certifications including ATS, ATD, AOS, CDFOM and CDCP among others.

Most recognized products and services are Data Centre, Cloud Computing, SaaS and ERP.


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