Datacomm Cloud Business 2nd Anniversary, ​Celebrates Achievement of Two Global Data Centre Certifications: ANSI/TIA-942:2017 & DCOS, and Cooperation with PGASCOM

Jakarta (24 Oct 2017) - Datacomm Cloud Business, a business unit of PT Datacomm Diangraha that provides cloud services, today delivered two announcements as part of the 2nd anniversary celebration of Datacomm Cloud Business which took place on October 8, 2017. First, the achievement of the ANSI/TIA-942:2017 design certificate and the DCOS (Data Centre Operations Standard) from Enterprise Products Integration (EPI). Second, the colocation data centre cooperation with PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara (PGASCOM).

Accompanying the theme of Accelerating Cloud Computing Adoption, Datacomm reinforced its determination to, firstly, meet the demand for local cloud computing service providers with international standards. Secondly, support the rapidly growing digital economy of Indonesia such as e-commerce, IoT, fintech, and on demand services by offering various cloud services. It supports the Government Regulation No. 82 of 2012 which stipulates that cloud service providers are required to have a data centre and disaster recovery centre located in Indonesia. To that end, Datacomm has established the Datacomm Datacenter Federation with data centre locations in Jakarta, Bandung and Medan.

Datacomm Cloud Business Obtains ANSI/TIA-942:2017 Design Certificate and DCOS

ANSI/TIA-942:2017 is an international standard for data centre facilities design and build. The ANSI/TIA-942:2017 is the superior certification among its kind. The scope of this certification is far more extensive and covers not only mechanical and electrical, but also architecture and telecommunications.

Datacomm Data Center has met the Rated 3 TIA-942:2017 for its data centre design and the Data Centre Operation Standard Maturity Level 4 (DCOS-4) for operational management.

The attainment of the ANSI/TIA-942:2017 and DCOS certifications demonstrates Datacomm's strong commitment to increasing competitive advantage, and providing the best security and services to its customers. These certificates are awarded by EPI, an independent agency that delivers a wide range of data centre services with world-class standards.

Hermen Rudolph, Director of Datacomm Diangraha, said, "These certifications are a real step in Datacomm's readiness to support the development of digital infrastructure in Indonesia with a high level of security and reliability. These two certifications provide assurance on the availability of enterprise services in terms of facilities/infrastructure reliability and operational management excellence of our data centre."

Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies said, "We are very excited with the first and very important achievement for Datacomm to comply with the ANSI/TIA-942 standard.  Now that their design has been validated, Datacomm will take the next important steps in improving their physical facilities to fully comply with the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. We applaud Datacomm for demonstrating excellent leadership by example to the Data Center Federation of Indonesia."

Jan Willem Mooren, Managing Director of EPI Malaysia, said, "Being the first data centre organization in Indonesia to achieve the DCOS certification, Datacomm has positioned itself as the leader in improving data centre operations. DCOS certification is a global quality mark and every customer using data centre outsourcing services should require their service providers to provide quality brands such as the DCOS. We, EPI Certification, an independent Certification Body have audited many data centres worldwide and we are pleased to award Datacomm DCOS Maturity Level-4 certification because Datacomm has proven that in their data centre operations they have met the stringent requirements of the global DCOS standard. Datacomm's customers can be certain of receiving world-class services."

Datacomm Cloud Business Establish Cooperation With PGASCOM

Datacomm collaborate on data centre colocation with PGASCOM incorporated in the Datacomm Datacenter Federation (DDF). Datacomm Datacenter Federation offers a distributed, scalable, and fault tolerant data centre. Equipped with additional features like high capacity connectivity to local internet exchange and international cloud exchange connectivity.

Datacomm Datacenter Federation provides the required service and compliance assurance by business people for a qualified, reliable, and scalable data centre. Combined with Cloudciti Infrastructure as a Service, the cloud services and Datacomm Data Center will provide interconnectivity between data centres that allow collaboration, sharing of resources, or moving workloads to one another.

"We are very excited about this cooperation. Datacomm Cloud Business has worked closely with our strategic business partners to realize this brilliant collaboration as well as a 2nd anniversary present for Datacomm Cloud Business. This partnership also demonstrates Datacomm Cloud Business's commitment in delivering the best cloud computing services to our customers," said Sutedjo Tjahjadi, Managing Director of Datacomm Cloud Business.

Sri Budi Mayaningsih, CEO of PGASCOM said, "Working together with Datacomm Datacenter Federation (DDF) is a strategic step to optimize the utilization of existing shared facilities, and improve the reliability of shared data centre services. The Government's policy to store data in the country, as well as the use of cloud services, makes users more efficient to support operations and ensures data security. PGASCOM with the spirit of "Present To The Country", will continue to improve its services in the field of ICT."


About Datacomm Cloud Business

Datacomm Cloud Business (DCB) is Datacomm Diangraha's business unit that focuses on providing cloud computing services. In providing services to businesspeople, the DCB philosophy is Enterprise, Secure, Local. For more information please visit http://cloud.datacomm.co.id/

Datacomm Cloud Business has a long-term commitment to increasing cloud computing adoption because cloud technology will drive Indonesia's economic expansion.


About Enterprise Products Integration (EPI)

EPI is a European-origin, global data centre specialist company with 30 years of experience, operating world-wide in over 60 countries and 130 cities through direct operations and a large partner network.  EPI offers an extensive range of data centre expert services which include accredited data centre and IT training, audit and certification, and the DCOS® - Data Centre Operations Standard.  

EPI is the world’s largest provider of accredited data centre training and ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services.  EPI is a registered Certification Body (CB).

EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation.  Always on the leading edge in its areas of expertise, EPI has released many world’s first innovations including the DCOS® - Data Centre Operations Standard®, Data Centre Framework®, DCCF® - Data Centre Competence Framework®, DCPT© - Data Centre Career Planning Tool, Data Centre Training Framework®, and the EPI IT Training Framework®.



PT. PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara (PGASCOM) is an experienced provider of telecommunication network and ICT Solution services. PGASCOM is a subsidiary of PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk.

PGASCOM has served several telecom operators, content providers and NAP/ISPs through the provision of domestic and international fiber optic (FO) networks. International market development is done through Singapore-based subsidiary of Pgas Telecommunication International Pte Ltd and the corporate market is conducted through Telemedia Dinamika Sarana (TDS) subsidiary.


About Datacomm Diangraha

Established in 1990, Datacomm Diangraha (Datacomm) is one of the leading network technology service providers in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta, Graha Datacomm has the complete facilities including data centre, network operations centre, security operation centre, and network laboratory.

Datacomm always provides the best services and support to businesses - 27 years of experience delivering IT services; human resources, 500 professionals; own data centre; and ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 international certifications. Datacomm always delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to customers with a full service lifecycle model starting from designing, building, operating and maintaining. For more information please visit http://www.datacomm.co.id/


Datacomm Press Contact

Sutedjo Tjahjadi
Managing Director Datacomm Cloud Business
Graha Datacomm, Jl. Kapten Tendean 18A
Phone: +61-21 2997-9797
Email: sutedjo.tjahjadi@datacomm.co.id


EPI Press Contact

Paige Fong
Email paige@epi-ap.com
Phone +6012-267-2336


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