EPI Launches World’s First Audit and Certification Service on ISO/IEC TS 22237

Singapore, 24 May 2018 – EPI today released its audit and certification service for ISO/IEC TS 22237.  EPI is the first company in the world to offer audit and certification service on the ISO/IEC TS 22237, true to the company’s value of being responsive, agile and taking the leadership position once again!
The ISO/IEC TS 22237, formerly known as EN-50600, is a standard for data centre facilities and infrastructure spread over 7 parts covering general concepts, building construction, power distribution, environmental control, telecommunications cabling infrastructure, security systems and, management and operational information.
According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies, “EPI has always been focused on offering data centre audit and certification services and releasing the service for ISO/IEC TS 22237 was already anticipated by our customers and the market.  We have been preparing internally the last couple of months by diligently reviewing the standard, training our auditors and running internal verification audits based on real data centre designs as we waited for the release of the standard to make the announcement of our audit and certification service.  We are ready to go as of today and are very pleased to be the first in the market to offer this services as part of our Audit & Certification services portfolio.
EPI has an established reputation for offering high quality services at affordable prices.  The EPI audit and certification for ISO/IEC TS 22237 is very cost effective starting from just USD10K upwards.
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EPI is a European-origin, global data centre specialist company with 30 years of experience, operating world-wide in over 60 countries and 130 cities through direct operations and a large partner network.  EPI offers an extensive range of data centre expert services which include accredited data centre and IT training, audit and certification, and the DCOS® - Data Centre Operations Standard.   
EPI is the world’s largest provider of accredited data centre training and ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services.  EPI is a registered Certification Body (CB).
EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation.  Always on the leading edge in its areas of expertise, EPI has released many world’s first innovations including the DCOS® - Data Centre Operations Standard®, Data Centre Framework®, DCCF® - Data Centre Competence Framework®, DCPT© - Data Centre Career Planning Tool, Data Centre Training Framework®, and the EPI IT Training Framework®. 
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