EPI Cautions Data Centre Professionals and Employers to Beware of Dubious Websites Offering Certified Data Centre Professional Exams and Certificates

Singapore, 13 Aug 2018 – EPI cautions customers to beware of unscrupulous websites illegally offering unauthorised certification exams and certifications using EPI’s world renown professional certification brands.  The individuals owning these websites are claiming to be ‘certification organisations’ and copy the names and brands of famous certifications such as EPI’s and others for which they create their own exams.  The quality of the exams they offer are of poor quality as they have no expertise in the data centre arena.  Unfortunately, earnest hard-working professionals who are genuinely seeking professional certifications to improve themselves are fooled into buying these exams and fake certifications only to find out later they have been cheated when they presented their data centre certificates to EPI or at job interviews and were rejected as the certificates are not recognized.  Some hiring managers were also duped because they did not verify the source of the certificates and validate parties offering EPI certification courses against the partner list on the EPI website.

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies, “EPI invests a lot of time, money and effort to develop high-quality world-class contents and certifications which provide real value to its customers.  We continuously update our course contents and exams to ensure relevance.  Individuals and companies trust the quality of EPI’s certifications.”

“We are very outraged by the unethical practises of the individuals operating these websites. We hope to stop them doing damage to innocent people. However, lawsuits can take a long time so, in the meantime, we urge hiring managers to verify the source of the professional certificates presented by candidates/consultants they are hiring. This advice is not limited to EPI’s certifications, but also other professional certifications because these websites are selling a long list of certifications. We do not wish to see employers hiring candidates with unqualified certificates because a wrong-hire can be a very expensive mistake,” van Leent continuous.  “For individuals, our advice is to do proper research. Don’t give your hard-earned money to unethical people who offer low-cost alternatives.”  

EPI maintains a partner list of all authorised EPI partners on the www.epi-ap.com website. Anybody who seeks data centre professional certification is advised to visit the EPI website and work only with EPI Authorised Partners to ensure quality education with a globally recognised certificate.

EPI’s accreditation and examination body is EXIN. EPI’s brand which are copied by these unscrupulous websites includes CDCP®, CDCS®, CDCE®, CDFOM®, CDRP®, CDMS®, CDRP®, CTIA®, CTEA®, CITP®, CITS®, CITE®.

Should anyone have questions, EPI can be reached at support@epi-ap.com.


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