First CDCE (Certified Data Centre Expert) in the Caribbean with Blue NAP Americas

Curacao (20 December 2018) – Blue NAP Americas has on their team the first data centre professional to achieve the highest rank in the global data centre professional certifications for design-and-build, the CDCE (Certified Data Centre Expert), in the Caribbean. CDCE is the premier data centre design-and-build certification in the acclaimed and globally recognised EPI Data Centre Training Framework.

Blue NAP Americas’ professionals have been acquiring world-class industry-recognised certifications in data centre facility infrastructure design, operations management, and ANSI/TIA-942 audit and certification. They underwent intensive training developed by EPI and passed the globally accredited exams. EPI certifications are a mark of excellence for data centre professionals and is widely recognised globally by data centre operators/owners, including many Fortune 500 companies.

According to Ton van den Berg, GM, Blue NAP Americas, “By training our professionals with EPI, Blue NAP Americas is able to offer truly expert world-class service and support to its customers resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to our customers to pursue excellence.  Having one of our team members achieved the first CDCE in the Caribbean is proof of Blue NAP Americas’ pledge to be the leader in the industry by providing our customers with world-class service delivered by our team which is equipped with world-class knowledge and skills.”

According to Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner EPI LATAM “EPI’s training and certifications stand out for their high quality, depth and relevance.  EPI’s approach is very different compared to other data centre training providers. We start with a complete understanding of the competences required in the data centre. We wrote the world’s first and only Data Centre Competence Framework (DCCF). From there EPI’s external accreditation and examination institute, EXIN, develops the testing criteria. Those testing criteria are then used by EPI to build the course content. This method provides true competence-based skill development. The customers of Blue NAP Americas can be assured that they are getting services from trained and certified professionals who know what they are doing.”

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO, EPI Group of Companies, “All current market research point to a shortage of properly trained and qualified data centre personnel. This shortage creates issues for data centre operators leading to higher stress levels for staff ultimately resulting in increased risk of downtime in data centres. The path taken by Blue NAP Americas to emphasize high quality training and certification of their staff puts them on the map as the pioneer in leading talent development enabling the company to efficiently address new technology challenges facing all data centres.”


About Blue NAP Americas

Launched in December 2016 by Dataplanet N.V. in Curaçao, Blue NAP Americas is carrier-neutral data centre designed, built and operated according to Tier-IV certification standards. In addition to serving the region as a Network Access Point (NAP), it offers a comprehensive portfolio of data centre solutions including Physical Colocation, Private Cloud Services, Business Continuity and Managed Services. Blue NAP Americas is connected to a diverse network of fiber optic submarine cables that allows direct access to multiple global carriers. For more information, simply visit www.bluenapamericas.com, or email info@bluenapamericas.com.         


About EPI

EPI is a global data centre specialist company with 9 offices worldwide.  Of European-origin, EPI has over 30 years of experience, operating in over 60 countries and 130 cities through direct operations and a large partner network.  EPI offers an extensive range of data centre expert services which include accredited data centre and IT training, audit and certification, and the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard).   EPI is a registered Certification Body (CB) and the world’s largest provider of accredited data centre training and ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services.

EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation.  Always on the leading edge in its areas of expertise, EPI has released many world’s first innovations including the DCOS® - Data Centre Operations Standard®, Data Centre Framework®, DCCF® - Data Centre Competence Framework®, DCPT© - Data Centre Career Planning Tool, Data Centre Training Framework®, and the EPI IT Training Framework®.

Visit www.epi-ap.com for details.            

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