EPI Launches Brand New Training & Certification, DCFC® (Data Centre Foundation Certificate)

Singapore (9 Mar 2020) – The data centre industry receives another boost today with the launch of EPI’s brand new DCFC® (Data Centre Foundation Certificate) training and certification program. The DCFC® training will help to equip the workforce with essential data centre foundation competences for the jobs in the data centre industry. It is a well-designed 2-days training program with a globally accredited certification exam which covers the complete aspects important to a data centre facility such as power, cooling, network, physical security, fire safety, etc.  The course is aimed at new entrants, or those with minimal experience in the data centre industry.

According to Edward van Leent, “Many data centre operators, even the giant global players, are facing the challenge of finding staff with the right competencies for their data centre. They often have to revert to hiring staff straight out of school or from other industries who do not have (yet) the right competences to immediately fulfill a role in the data centre environment. Organizations also often have many supporting staff in various departments such as help desk, procurement etc., who need a complete, but basic, understanding of the data centre, but not to the full detailed level as often presented in other certification courses. Till now organizations, both commercial and enterprise data centres, had to often provide their own basic inhouse training which comes with many challenges such as availability of in-house trainer, training materials which are complete, consistent and updated, and the after training validation of knowledge transfer. Those days are now gone as DCFC® will address the gap so our customers can have their existing team focus on their daily role and leave it up to us to train their other staff and new hires.”

Additionally, the DCFC® is highly beneficial for staff of data centre vendors who are required to perform services or maintenance in the customers’ data centres such as IT engineers, IT support staff, installer, building maintenance, data centre cleaners, etc. It minimises the risk of mistakes that could lead to costly downtime, loss of reputation, and for some even loss of business.

The DCFC® provides a competitive advantage for anyone who wants to enter the fast-growing data centre industry, and also for people who are already in the industry but find themselves at a disadvantage because they do not have a solid foundation knowledge of the complete data centre environment. It is the perfect steppingstone for those who would like to pursue further specialisations on data centre design/build, operations/governance and/or standards/compliance.

Like all of EPI’s industry recognised training and certification programs, the DCFC® is independently accredited and attached with a certification exam administered by EXIN, an external accreditation and examination institute.

The DCFC® is available as ILT (Instructor Led Training) and TOD (Training on Demand) to suit whichever learning method preferred by customers.

For more information about the DCFC, visit www.epi-ap.com/dcfc or email sales@epi-ap.com.  

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