GTN Data Center Successfully Accomplishes ANSI / TIA-942-B: 2017 International Certification

Jakarta, 25 June 2020 – PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara (GTN), a subsidiary of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (MLPT) and joint venture with Mitsui & Co., Ltd, which focuses on the operation and management of the GTN Data Center, today announced the success of the GTN Data Center in completion of Certificate of Conformance Constructed Facilities ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Rated 3  in Indonesia from EPI Certification Pte Ltd (EPI) based in Singapore.

ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 certification renews the ANSI/TIA-942:2014 certification that has been previously held for design. This success marks that important elements from the infrastructure side of the GTN Data Center has met world-class data center standards for architecture, mechanics, electricity, and telecommunications. "We have succeeded in obtaining international level certification at the right time as customers demand for data center services which has been certified in terms of facilities. And we are very proud of this achievement, especially this is for the large data center category," said Wahyudi Chandra, CEO Graha Teknologi Nusantara. "This proves that the infrastructure provided by GTN is one of the best facilities and services for companies in Indonesia in the venture of digital transformation. Our customers do not need to worry about security guarantees from GTN Data Center services because we apply strict quality standards," added Wahyudi.

"With the TIA-942 Facilities Certification, GTN Data Center is demonstrating its total commitment towards its customers by ensuring that the GTN data center is benchmarked and certified against a topnotch global data center facility standard.  When customers host their mission critical infrastructure with GTN, they can be confident that it is protected by strong security measures as well as a fully concurrent maintainable infrastructure based on TIA-942. This means that GTN data center can undergo any form of maintenance without the need to shut down which fully supports 24x7 operations. GTN chose the accredited TIA-942 standard certification because it not only addresses electrical and mechanical systems but also telecommunication, fire safety and other critical factors for high-availability mission critical infrastructure," said Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO, EPI Group of Companies.

The certificate award ceremony between EPI representatives in Singapore and GTN representatives in Jakarta is uniquely accomplished online in consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic and the enactment of the PSBB transition period in Jakarta and surrounding areas. The ceremony was witnessed by business partners who were present through the online meeting application.

GTN Data Center strengthens its foothold in the IT industry by implementing this comprehensive international standard from the start, so operational excellence remains at its best. The business community and potential partners also conveyed the need to have a clear benchmark for determining the quality of existing facilities.

In providing reliable and stable services in this digital age, the placement of computing hardware and software is a fundamental requirement that must be accompanied by competitive offers with large capacity and efficiency in physically managing and monitoring the system. Data placement in hardware and cloud computing also depends on the existence of a data center.


GTN Data Center Facilities

Constructed on 15,000 square meters of land, GTN Data Center is ready for "hyperscale computing" with the installation available in a two-storey building with a capacity of 2,000 server racks. GTN Data Center services continue to be maintained at standards and quality to meet the needs of users from various industrial sectors with demand for high computing power. GTN Data Center also implements a security system tested from SECOM, which is a security system standard in Japan. The presence of environmentally friendly technology that is applied at the GTN Data Center is Cold Aisle Containment System (CACS) which is proven to be optimal in cooling the devices inside the racks. In addition to these two technologies, GTN Data Center also uses DRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply), which provides backup electric power to two main sources that are redundant and active simultaneously. All of these facilities provide credence and comfort for customers and ensure the performance of IT devices in supporting their operational activities.


About PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara

PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara (GTN) is a subsidiary of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (MLPT) and joint venture with Mitsui & Co. Ltd., which focuses on providing data center operations and management services.

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Lippo Cikarang

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Watch the virtual certificate handover ceremony here!


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