New Equinix ML5 Data Centre Awarded the TIA-942 Rated 4 Design Certification by EPI

Milan, 10 September 2020 – Certification Body, EPI, today announced that Equinix, the global interconnection and data centre company, has achieved the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 Design certification for the first phase of its recently announced Milan flagship International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre. Known as ML5, the site will offer state-of-the-art colocation, as well as a host of advanced interconnection services, including Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric® (ECX Fabric®) and Equinix Internet Exchange™. Equinix is the first company in Italy to achieve the Rating 4 Design level.

The TIA-942 certification is a global quality benchmark for data centre facilities. Mission-critical infrastructure requires 24x7 availability, ensured by nine critical aspects in the data centre design and build. TIA-942 covers all these nine areas: electrical, mechanical, telecommunication infrastructure, fire detection/suppression, safety, physical security, site location, architecture, and monitoring.

TIA-942 is the only data centre facilities standard in the world with an official accreditation scheme ensuring the quality of the auditors and the correctness of the audit and certification process.

Today, EPI is the only Certification Body (CB) in the world to have received the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) accreditation from TIA. EPI has performed TIA-942 audits for mission-critical data centres all over the world.

Emmanuel Becker, Managing Director, Italy, Equinix, said: “The TIA-942 Rated 4 Design Certification demonstrates Equinix's commitment to providing the best connectivity and interconnection services to support Italian businesses with advancing their digital transformation strategies, as well as enabling global companies across industries to expand their operations in Italy”.

Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies, said: “We applaud Equinix’s leadership and commitment to data centre design. ML5 has been designed to the most comprehensive data centre facility standard – protecting customers’ mission-critical infrastructure. It is our pleasure to award them the certificate for this first phase of the build, which they fully deserve.”

Nicola Cegalin, Italy Business Development of EPI, said: “The TIA-942 design certification underlines that Equinix’s ML5 data centre – phase one – meets all nine critical data centre facility aspects required by the TIA-942 accreditation. The TIA-942 Rated 4 means the built-out portion of Equinix ML5 data centre is fault-tolerant and able to support 24x7 operations, with protection against external events. Further construction phases will be reviewed upon completion. It is an honor to work with the Equinix team and to experience first-hand their high level of professionalism and commitment to service excellence.”


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