Emtel Data Centre Awarded the First TIA-942 Rated 3 Facilities Certification in Mauritius by EPI

Emtel Sets A New Quality Standard For Mauritius’ Data Centre Industry

Arsenal, Mauritius, 27 Oct 2020 – Emtel Data Centre is the first in Mauritius awarded the TIA-942 Rated 3 Data Centre Facilities Certification, raising the standard for Data Centre concept, design and build quality in Mauritius.

Mission-critical infrastructures in the ICT industry need 24X7 availability. There are nine critical aspects in the design and build of a data centre that determine this high quality and availability. The TIA-942 covers all the nine areas making it a complete data centre facilities standard. The critical areas are:

  1. electrical
  2. mechanical
  3. telecommunication infrastructure
  4. fire detection & suppression
  5. safety
  6. physical security
  7. site location
  8. architecture
  9. and monitoring

TIA-942 is the only data centre facilities standard to have an official accreditation scheme. It follows the documented processes as per the ISO requirements for certification bodies. It also ensures that only certified professionals perform the audit and certification process.

According to Kresh Goomany, CEO Designate of Emtel, “We chose the TIA-942 standard over others because it stands out clearly as a high-quality standard for two vital reasons; its complete coverage and the official accreditation scheme.  A TIA-942 Rated-3 site is concurrently maintainable. It is an independent validation that each and every capacity component and each part of the distribution path in Emtel Data Centre can be removed/replaced/serviced on a planned basis without disrupting the ICT capabilities to the end-user. We chose EPI as our auditor as it is the world’s first and so far, the only Certification Body which has been accredited by TIA.”

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO, EPI Group of Companies, “We commend Emtel for their leadership and commitment to protect their customers’ data and mission critical infrastructure.  Other data centre providers can claim they are concurrently maintainable for the nine critical areas but without the external certification, it is difficult to validate.  Emtel Data Centre stands out with proof with the TIA-942 Rated 3 Certification.  It is our honour to work with the progressive and enthusiastic team at Emtel, and awarding them the certificate which they fully deserve.”


About Emtel Data Centre

The Emtel Data Centre is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that has been built to house not only Emtel’s Telco-grade equipment but also to provide world-class data centre infrastructure facilities to enterprises that require high-quality data centre services. 

Emtel provides colocation services with the required safety and reliability, benchmarked to international standards.  The strategic location in Arsenal has diverse access routes, in a flood-free region and ideally placed far from all busy commercial and business zones.  The location has also been carefully chosen to allow for customers’ having their Disaster Recovery site situated at a safe distance from their main business in high residential and/or corporate locations. Connectivity to the data centre is assured by Emtel fibre backbone both locally and internationally on SAFE and LION/LION2 submarine cables. The EMTEL Data Centre will soon be connected, as landing station, to the third submarine cable, METISS. The Emtel Data Centre is carrier-neutral and allows for any service provider to connect to the transmission room.  Both local and international customers have entrusted their business-critical data to Emtel.


About Emtel

29th May 1989 – Emtel Ltd became the first mobile telephony operator in the Southern Hemisphere. This major step in Mauritian telecommunications history took place under the aegis of The Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, one of the leading groups in Mauritius. From a mobile company, Emtel has evolved into a one stop shop for all your telecommunications needs, offering a wide range of products and services for individuals, enterprises and homes.

For more details, please visit us on www.emtel.com


About EPI

EPI is a global data centre expert company of European-origin with over 33 years of experience operating worldwide in over 60 countries and 130 cities, through direct operations and a large partner network. EPI offers an extensive range of data centre expert services which includes accredited data centre and IT training, audit and certification, and the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard). 

EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high-quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation. Always on the leading edge, EPI has released many world’s first innovations including the DCOS® (Data Centre Operations Standard®), Data Centre Framework®, DCCF® (Data Centre Competence Framework®), Data Centre and IT Career Planning Tools, and Data Centre and IT Training Frameworks.

EPI is the world’s largest provider of accredited data centre training and ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services. EPI is a registered Certification Body (CB).

More information at www.epi-ap.com.


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