EPI DC Talk SEA Regional Roadshow

EPI DC Talk: SEA Roadshow
Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia
11-15 May 2015

“It was a great event!” – this sums up the feedback we received from the attendees to our 5-day 5-country roadshow.

When we first brought up the idea to do a 5-day roadshow, across 5 countries, back-to-back, our Sr Consultant and Trainer, Otto de Roo, took up the challenge! The project took off from there. We had only 5 weeks to get the roadshow on the road.  The plan was put together, we pitched it to our premier partner in each of the 5 countries and they gave us their support without hesitation.  Everyone pitched in and made the SEA Roadshow a success!   EPI Data Centre Talk
Photo courtesy of NTC


The topic of the EPI DC Talk: SEA Roadshow was “Data Centre Standards – Regional & Global Trends, Future Implications”.

The attendees gave very encouraging feedback, including the following comments:

“Valuable insights for what lies ahead”

“Broadened my knowledge on the trend in the data centre field”

“Understanding the various data centre standards used around the world”

“Great exposure to data centre standards!”

“Understand the 16 disciplines (EPI Data Centre Framework) for running an efficient data centre and the relevant standards”

“Refresher on personal experience and updated knowledge on TIA-942 standard”

“Understand what standard to use in the future”

“Idea on how to set the direction for my data centre”

“The Q&A was useful – good discussion and sharing of experience”


Photo courtesy of NTC


Network Training Center Co., Ltd. (NTC),
Bangkok, Thailand

Watch the video of the event at NTC!


Guidance View, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Training Partners, 
Hong Kong

Training Partners, 

Jakarta, Indonesia

EPI would like to take this opportunity to thank all the attendees for taking the time to spend with us.  We would like to thank our partners who made this roadshow possible.  We enjoyed the interactions with everyone, attendees and organisers.

Look out for our next roadshow and come join us!

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About the EPI DC Talk

The EPI DC Talk is a series of talks where we share topics of interest that would impact the data centre industry.  The topics are selected after pooling the thoughts of our group of expert consultants who are actively working with data centres all over the world.  The EPI DC Talk is our way of contributing to the industry.  They are free and the objective is to share information gained from our hands-on experience with data centre managers, owners, CTOs, CIOs, data centre consultants, strategic decision makers working in and around the data centres.  We end each DC Talk with a focus group discussion where anyone can voice questions or share opinions.


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