EPI at DataCloud Europe 2015 Global Congress & Exhibition, Monaco

EPI Edward van LeentEPI's Chairman & CEO, Edward van Leent, was a presenter at the congress.  Joining the ranks of global thought leaders in the data centre industry, Edward’s presentation was on “Benchmarking the 12 Data Centre Disciplines to Achieve Operational Excellence”.    

Operational excellence is often positioned in management literature as a way to reduce cost, increase efficiency and to achieve economies of scale. In his presentation, Edward gave a totally new outlook to the term “operational excellence” which challenges CEOs, CIOs, and leaders at strategic level to re-think the way they approach their data centre operations. 

According to Edward, the approach to data centre operational excellence is about “meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations”.  Edward highlighted the 12 disciplines of data centre operations which are crucial to achieving operational excellence.  The operations are to be benchmarked on internationally recognised maturity level for each discipline and its integration with other disciplines.  Staff training also plays a very key role to the delivery of a consistent quality of service, but not just any training, Edward emphasised competence-based training with independent certifications which have proven to be highly effective for delivering practical skills which can be put to use immediately.    

The DataCloud was an exciting 2-day event which brought together data centre industry players from all over the world.  It provided the platform for us to meet, exchange ideas and initiate business and alliances with a truly global community.  We look forward to DataCloud 2016! 


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