EPI DC Talk SEA Regional Roadshow at Training Partners, Indonesia

EPI ran the finale of our EPI DC Talk SEA Regional Roadshow in Jakarta, hosted by Training Partners. 

It was another well attended event. Mr Yusuf R. Prawirasoetisna, Country Manager of Training Partners, Indonesia, opened the event.  Mr Yusuf welcomed the guests and shared information about projected growth and the growing influence of the East Asia countries, especially China which has the largest population with the highest economic growth rate and its impact on information needs and data processing in Southeast Asia countries.

EPI Data Centre Talk in Indonesia

EPI’s Trainer and Sr Consultant, Otto de Roo, took the floor and presented the EPI Data Centre Framework, which addresses the disciplines for a structured and fully-managed data centre, and the related global industry standards.  Next, Otto shared information on the various global standards for data centre facilities, giving a side-by-side comparison of the standards, and the selection criteria data centre owners/managers should consider.  Otto ended his presentation on the training framework for professionals working in-and-around the data centre, to ensure askilled team which will lead to improved data centre operations and availability, and even cost-reduction by applying best practises used by seasoned data centre managers. 

“We are very lucky to be able to get one of EPI’s senior data centre expert, Otto de Roo, to share his knowledge in this area.  Often, the industry has to pay to listen to such talks, but EPI and Training Partners provided this talk for free to any interested party,” said Mr Budi Winarko, Finance Manager of Training Partners. 

Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI Group of Companies said, “I am very extremely pleased with the excellent response we have received.  They were beyond our expectation.  We will definitely organise more EPI DC Talk events in different countries around the world.  Look out for it.”


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