EPI DC Talk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EPI DC TalkEPI has completed yet another EPI DC Talk, this time around in Kuala Lumpur.  EPI’s presentation on ‘Benchmarking your Data Centre in the Modern World’ was one of 4 presentations in an event organised by the Guidance View / Iverson Group of Companies.  The one day event brought together speakers from EPI, Redhat and Cloudera.

EPI’s was presentation was delivered by John Sole, EPI’s Sr Consultant and Trainer.  John started the presentation with an overview of the EPI Data Centre Framework which outlines all the disciplines and the respective global standards for a structured and fully managed mission critical data centre.

The presentation then moved to a comparison of the many available standards and pseudo standards for the data centre physical infrastructure and location.  John detailed out the differences and the pros and cons of each standard, providing clarity to data centre managers, enabling them to understand and make informed decisions when it comes to selecting and implementing a standard for their facilities.

EPI DC TalkJohn also de-mystified the many standards and guidelines for energy efficiency and sustainability, and how to take a balanced approach between going ‘Green’ and maintaining high availability.  He gave a detailed deliberation about PUE and ended that segment with a discussion on the question ‘Is a PUE of 1 possible?’

The final part of John’s presentation was on data centre operational excellence and touched a bit on the competences and job roles in a data centre environment.



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