CYBOLT Renews ANSI/TIA-942 Certification Rated-3

CYBOLT is the first data center in Mexico certified construction/facilities at Rated-3 level with the international data center standard ANSI/TIA-942-B

Metepec, Mexico (12 Oct 2021) – In August of this year, the recertification of the Cybolt Data Center, originally related to Disaster Recovery, a brand integrated into its project in 2021, was completed.

After the EPI audit, CYBOLT successfully passed the recertification process of its operating facilities in Metepec, thus renewing the most recognized certification worldwide for data centers according to the international standard ANSI/TIA-942-B for Rated-3, in the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, security, monitoring, architecture, among others. This standard is the most respected worldwide, mainly because it is a complete data center standard and because it is publicly available which allows total transparency in the certification criteria.

PC OMEGA was appointed to coordinate the project and EPI to carry out the audit and certification. EPI is a certification body and is recognized worldwide for its high quality service and professionalism. They are also experts in data centers, and world leaders in auditing and ANSI/TIA-942 certifications among other globally recognized standards such as DCOS® or Data Center Operations Standard, ISO 27000, ISO 22301, and others.

According to Salvador Aranda, Director of CYBOLT Managed Services, this certification contributes to the company's efforts to establish in its Metepec building as the most important operations center in Latin America for cybersecurity and resilience, since it guarantees the integrity, security and availability of the systems hosted in its facilities, according to the best global practices. “Although we are not a native company in the IT infrastructure supply market, we have made the investments in the last ten years to build our own operations center, with Data Center, Alternate Work Positions, Vaults and what will surely be the most advanced SOC in the region," said the executive.

According to Juan Carlos Ordoñez, General Director of PC OMEGA, implementing the TIA-942 standard has allowed us to guarantee the availability of infrastructure, as well as carry out correct administration of the data centers of our business partners in Mexico. This has allowed us to ensure their operational continuity similar to world-class data centers. That's why we've partnered with EPI to provide the highest quality data center audit and certification services to support our customers who require TIA-942 and DCOS® (Data Center Operations Standard) certifications.

"Market research has shown that infrastructure, including telecommunications, electricity and mechanics, is the foundation of an effective and efficient data center, which government, and the end user clearly understand," said Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner, EPI Americas.

"We are seeing greater-than-anticipated acceptance of ANSI/TIA-942-B," said Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI Group of Companies. "Recently, we have seen increased demand from data centers requesting AUDITS based on ANSI/TIA 942-B, as many indicated that there is now a single benchmark covering all areas of data center infrastructure. ANSI-TIA 942-B is becoming a de facto standard of data center infrastructures globally."



The new big player.

Cybolt is the new player in the cybersecurity market, which is born from the integration of 9 companies to date, with plans to add even more in the short term. This year 2021 Cybolt will be in the top 3 of income of Mexican companies in that industry, accumulating the distribution of more than 40 manufacturers and becoming the One-Stop-Shop  of the market. In addition, it develops its own solutions based on offers of excellence in the market and its own managed services, consulting and certified operation, to meet the regulatory requirements of all industries and create spaces of trust and security.



PC OMEGA is a world-class technology integrator with 25 years of market experience applying international standards and best practices to operate and manage mission-critical sites.

PC OMEGA offers a wide range of engineering products and services for design, construction, operation and maintenance for mission-critical data centers complying with international standards, such as ISO IEC 9001, ISO IEC 20000, ISO IEC 27000, TIA-942, NFPA75, among others.

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About EPI

EPI is a global data center company with 9 offices worldwide. Of European origin, EPI has more than 34 years of experience, operating in more than 60 countries and 130 cities through direct operations and a large network of partners. EPI offers a wide range of expert data center services including accredited data centers and IT training, auditing and certification, and the DCOS® (Data Center Operations Standard). EPI is a registered certification body (CB) and the world's largest provider of accredited data center training and ANSI/TIA-942 compliance audit and certification services.

EPI's reputation has been based on delivering high-quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation. Always at the forefront of its areas of expertise, EPI has launched many of the world's first innovations, including DCOS® - Data Center Operations Standard®, IT and Data Center Framework®, DCCF® - Data Center Competence Framework®, DCPT© - Data Center Career Planning Tool, Data Center Training Framework® and EPI IT Training Framework®.

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