EPI Releases World’s First Modular Data Center Standard (MDCS)

Singapore (27 Dec 2023) — The demand for indoor modular containment-based data centers solutions has surged, resulting in a diverse range of offerings flooding the market without a clear quality baseline and standard. This diversity has led to confusion among users and complicated the process of selecting these solutions. The release of the Modular Data Center Standard (MDCS) aims to provide a definitive quality benchmark.

The MDCS comprehensively addresses all the critical elements of an indoor modular containment-based data center solution such as requirements for structural, electrical, mechanical, network cabling, security, fire safety, monitoring, administration and proof-of-concept testing. The standard is aligned with well-known data center standards such as the ANSI/TIA-942, ISO 22237 and EN 50600. This will ensure that data center operators/owners, who want to pursue certification of these standards know that the modular data center solution is aligned and therefore will not create a concern when pursuing certification for the overall data center building.

Developed under EPI's leadership, the MDCS involved a global committee of experts from diverse segments of the modular data center ecosystem, including manufacturers and end-users. It's an auditable standard, allowing manufacturers of indoor containment-based modular data center solutions to voluntarily undergo audits to assess their conformity based on rating levels.

Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies, remarked, “Our mission is to drive the development, implementation, and global adoption of MDC solutions due to their significant benefits. Establishing this standardized benchmark is pivotal, and we’re proud to launch it, advancing the entire industry and benefiting the world”.

The MDCS is available for download, click here.


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