EPI DC Talk on “Identifying the Truths and Myths of Data Centre Efficiency”

Training Partners Singapore organised and hosted another EPI DC Talk, this time around the topic was “Identifying the Truths and Myths of Data Centre Efficiency”.  Delivered by EPI’s Sr Consultant and Trainer, Otto de Roo, the presentation brought to the fore some significant points for the data centre managers and professionals to consider for their organisations’ data centre strategy and plans.

In the presentation, Otto brought up some very thought provoking Truth-or-Myth statements which were discussed in further details.  Some of the Truths and Myths addressed were:

  1. High availability and high efficiency coexist
  2. DC efficiency will save the planet
  3. There are no “Green” Data Centre standards
  4. PUE is the way to go
  5. You only need to improve your DC facilities
  6. Our DC will not migrate in the near future
  7. DC migration is moving hardware

Do you know which is true and which is myth?  Join us for the next DC Talk.  

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