First CDCP and CDFOM classes in Suriname

EPI ran the first CDCP and CDFOM classes in Suriname from 10-14 Aug 2015.  Hosted by EPI’s partner, EoM, and held in Paramaribo, it was a full class with attendees from various industries who are working in and around the data centre.  The class was conducted by Jack Pyne, Director of Training, EPI-USA. 

The participants were very enthusiastic and found the training above their expectations.  They were very pleased with the content of the courses, and they highly appreciate the skill of the trainer to explain some of the more complex topics in ways that made it easy to understand.  Jack made the training very interesting, using his vast experience to demonstrate some of the points.

According to Joseba Calvo, Managing Partner, EPI-LATAM, “It was first of all, very exciting to see the first class materialise in Suriname so soon after the incorporation of EPI-LATAM.  And it was made even more worthwhile hearing the very positive feedback from the participants. We are planning more courses in Suriname and will release the schedule soon.”

For more EPI data centre professional training course schedule, visit www.epi-ap.com/schedule.html  

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