7 Things You Should Know About The Data Centre Facility Infrastructure

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What is the maximum Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) strength which data centre equipment can handle without performance degradation or even break down?

Do you know whether your UPS is VFI or VI class and how it affects your data centre?

How much air-conditioning capacity will you require to build a data center with 150kW UPS power?

How many perforated tiles compared to solid tiles do you need in your data centre to maintain enough pressure under the raised floor?

What THDv levels are acceptable for your IT equipment?

Do you know the difference between tier and rating levels to describe the availability of a data centre?

Does a Rated-4 data centre require two different power utility companies?




VFI is Voltage & Frequency Independent and VI is a Voltage Independent UPS. VI class UPS systems could save energy assuming that the utility power is of an acceptable quality from a frequency variation point of view..

150kW plus expected losses due to any potentially in-efficiency

If using standard perforated tiles then not to exceed more than 25% tiles should be perforated

8% THDv or less

Tier levels are defined by the Uptime Institute® whereas Rating levels are defined by ANSI/TIA-942. Tier levels only describe power and cooling requirements whereas Rating levels of ANSI/TIA-942 cover power, cooling, architectural and telecommunications.

No, Rated-4 of TIA-942 does not require two different power utility companies. The only requirement is two different substations which can be owned by a single power utility company.


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