How To Identify The Right Data Centre Training That Is Going To Help You Succeed And Increase Your Confidence At Work

Published on April 6, 2020

Paige Fong, Global Marketing Manager at EPI - Data Centre Training, Audit & Certification

With so many data centre training available and the wide range of data centre jobs in the industry, choosing a training that is going to benefit you can be a headache.

Many of the folks you see achieving their career goals with somewhat ease, received the right guidance and took the right training. While those still struggling are folks who are choosing their training based on mass information provided on websites, recommendations by peers, or what the salesperson tell them. When you consider that the right training is going to influence the rest of your career, which could be for the next 10 to 40 years and your income over that time, it is imperative you choose the right training. 

3 Steps To Discover The Right Training For You

If you are still reading this article, I take it like hundreds of other ambitious professionals, you too are confused on how to choose the right training that will bring you the biggest rewards.

There are essentially 3 steps to find the right training for your data centre career.

  1. Identify the competences required for your job
  2. Identify the training that will meet your needs
  3. Select the right training provider

Let's look at each step in a little more detail for you. Like we have already discussed, this is not a decision you want to take haphazardly.

First is to identify the competences (skills and knowledge) required for your current data centre job and ideally you also review your ambition for the next level in your career. Different jobs in a data centre organisation require different competences. Therefore it is very important to start with analyzing the competences required.  

How to identify the data centre competences for your job?

To identify the competences, you can read the Data Centre Competence Framework which is an 80-page document. At this point, you may be thinking - I don't want to read an 80-page competence document, is there a shortcut?   

Yes, there is! It's a free application which will list the competences for your job with just one click. I'll share this with you in just a moment. 

How to choose the right training

After identifying the competences required for your job, the second step is to identify the training that is going to teach you those competences. Just beware that not all courses are created equal. Some course developers just pick a popular title and create the course without a precise understanding of the competence model. 

You can check out the various training providers and ask them about the data centre competences mapping to their courses. And you might be asking now, is there a short cut?

The answer is yes! 

I’ll talk about this right after the final step, step 3.

How to choose the right training provider?

The 3rd step is to choose the right training and certification provider to ensure you get the most comprehensive and best training. It is value for your money and can accelerate your career. To help you select the best provider for your needs, I've prepared a short and easy checklist below.

  1. Is the training provider a hands-on data centre expert and in it for the long term?
  2. Do they have actual data centre experience or are they merely a course provider trying to snap up some dollars from a market that is expanding, and in a few years down the road swing to another portfolio potentially in another market segment which is then popular?
  3. Is the training provider truly vendor-neutral or are they affiliated with some vendor(s) or consulting organization(s)?  
  4. Do they follow a comprehensive course development process using a data centre competence model?
  5. Who issues the certification? Having 10 logos on the brochure looks impressive but in a true accredited course, you can only have ONE certificate (unless you do 10 exams…).
  6. Is the training and certification externally accredited by another group of independent experts in the industry? This question is important because data centre design, build, operations management, are vendor-neutral subjects. If the exams are written, marked and the certification is issued by the same people who wrote the course, there is no external authority to verify the quality of the content and certification.
  7. What are the experiences of the trainers? Real data centre background is a must-have, and also the number of years. The other important factor is the training experience. You would want a trainer who has extensive data centre experience and the skills to transfer knowledge and willingness to share knowledge.

If they fail on any of these, my advice would be to proceed with caution and if possible, avoid completely.

The Tool That Will Identify The Right Data Centre Training For Your Career Success. In Just 3 Minutes Or Less!  

The time-saving tool is the DCPT (Data Centre Career Planning Tool).

The DCPT will identify your required competences and give you the recommended training in 3 minutes or less.

It is a tool created by EPI* and it is free. It’s true. Try it now! 

Click here for the DCPT

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*EPI is a global data centre specialist company of European-origin, with over 30 years’ experience. EPI is represented worldwide in over 60 countries and 130 cities.  


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