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Working in the IT industry is a true challenge. The complexity and integration of business processes and the continuous evolvement of information technology have reached levels never seen before and to keep up with all the changes requires true dedication.

With the high demand for skilled IT workers still growing and becoming more critical than ever before, it is imperative that an IT professional has to continuously keep him/her-self updated on the changes to remain relevant in the industry. EPI has developed the IT Training Framework offering candidates the opportunity to meet these goals. The first level is the CITP.

CITP is a 2-day course designed to teach the skills, knowledge and competencies required of the modern IT professional working at the entry level of IT. CITP covers the fundamental processes of IT operations. CITP candidates will become instantly productive having gained knowledge and understanding of the demands in today’s IT infrastructures. Their improved capabilities will deliver immediate results, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing the margin for errors.

Passing the CITP exam will earn you the CITP certificate, a globally recognised certification from EXIN.


Target audience

- Individuals who want to jumpstart an IT career.
- IT executives with 1-2 years experience such as system/network engineers, programmers, call centre/support staff, technician, etc.
- IT/HR/L&D Managers who are looking for a high quality training for their staff


Get a preview of the CITP course. 
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Managing Director, EPI Malaysia

Being active in the IT and Data Centre industry for more than 25 years, Jan has in-depth knowledge and expertise on running mission critical operations. Jan is a Dutch national currently living in Malaysia. Before joining EPI, Jan has extensive work experience in the areas of service desk, system and network, audit and compliance, and security management. He has worked in sectors such as government, commercial and non-profit. Jan brings with him experience in various management positions, including working in large financial institutions where efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations are of the highest priority and failure/downtime was not an option.


Get a preview of the CITP course.  
Click here and watch now!



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